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Second Key of Ascension - Gratitude, Lady Sarah Workshop

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The Second Key of Ascension, Divine Gratitude, helps support us in moving into the place of greater Oneness with the Universal Energies.

When one is in a grateful state of being, one is honouring the Divine through an acknowledgement of the abundance and greatness of Divine Source.

Alphedia Arara has been asked to bring through a series of workshop transmissions called the Keys of Ascension.

The First Key of Ascension Forgiveness, was released by Lady Sarah, Daughter of Mary Magdalene and Lord Sananda, Jesus, in March 2019. You can read more on this First Key on the workshop page here.

Now, she says, we are ready for the Second Key of Ascension - Gratitude, to be activated within us.

Lady Sarah in her own right is an Ascended Master, she came to Earth carrying the Holy Grail codes as an embodiment of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine in balance.

This Second Key of Ascension, Divine Gratitude, helps support us in moving into the place of greater Oneness with the Universal Energies.

Lady Sarah wishes to work with this Key of Gratitude to enable us to lift the burdens often stored within the Heart Chakra.

She works with us in disconnecting us from the morphic field grid of lack, loss, sorrow and despondency. This can at times lead into frustration and anger at self and the Divine.

When one’s soul moves into Divine Gratitude one tips into the place of easier instant manifestation through the positive life forces.

Lady Sarah brings forth teachings on the vibration of Gratitude and she works with us to see any areas of our lives where we are holding resentment, injustice and “poor me” vibration.

Sometimes this can display in martyrdom and conditionings of self sacrifice from past lives which can be affecting the current timeline you are experiencing.

The vibration of Gratitude brings light into your thoughts, your holographic matrix vibration, and your actions.

When one is in a grateful state of being, one is honouring the Divine through an acknowledgement of the abundance and greatness of Divine Source.

Through this Key of Ascension you awaken the next layer of activation within your Divine Blueprint.

When you fully activate the second Key of Ascension you are able to acknowledge and understand the lessons of the experiences that your soul has called forth on your Earth Walk.

She also works to attune you to the frequency of Divine Gratitude and assists you in looking at areas of yourself and your life where you have created judgements of your lack of actions, way of being that is manifesting a dissatisfaction vibration in your life.

She works on clearing the common belief patterns that you may subconsciously hold linked to unworthiness, linked to beliefs that you must “accept your lot” and the other common belief that blocks the Second Key of Ascension is “the grass is always greener on the other side”.

Lady Sarah helps you understand the perfection of your life and once you are able to see the perfection of where you are at, you can work with the Divine Gratitude Key to take your Earth walk life experience, as a soul incarnate, into the next level of abundance and joy helping you to understand what your soul is seeking to feel at this time.

You work with her to disentangle yourself from the ‘lack matrix’ which your governments, world orders and illuminati are trying to keep you gripped within.

As you move into this vibration of Divine Gratitude you break down the barriers and you align with the purity of Divine Source, uplifting your heart, expanding your chakras and allowing you the opportunity to be more confident in your role here on Earth and your spiritual journey.

Those who are struggling with the vibrations of frustration, lack of self love, unworthiness, and an inability to acknowledge the greatness of the soul you are – this workshop offers you the opportunity to rectify those situations so that you can feel more confident in your spiritual talents and gifts.

  • Lady Sarah takes you on a powerful healing meditation transmission.

She helps you understand the common subconscious belief patterns that are playing out from past incarnations leading into this timeline and future timelines and offer you this vibration of Gratitude.

As you tune in to the Second Key of Ascension - Divine Gratitude you feel your auric field swelling, growing in happiness, growing in contentment, growing in inner joy.

  • You do a self realisation exercise to look at where are you subconsciously feeling unfulfilled through lack of gratitude, and she will work along with the first Key of Ascension, Forgiveness, to help you move into this place of Gratefulness, for it is a unique opportunity you have.

Millions of souls petitioned to come to Earth, and millions are unable to receive a place.

Once you have the Divine perspective and understanding that you are being offered a unique opportunity whilst on the Earth walk you start the healing process.

Gratitude is a particularly powerful tool to utilise and key to activate when things in your life have come out of balance, in order to return you to the homeostasis of love, peace, joy and gratefulness within.

  • As always Alphedia Arara supports you to maximise your healing journey with Lady Sarah, through powerful sound healing attunements with the crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls and percussion.

The Key of Gratitude helps you overcome resentment, anger, bitterness, jealousy, envy, greed, sorrow, apathy and guilt.

These vibrations no longer hold a purpose on Earth and as more souls awaken the Second Key of Ascension this means that many thousands of others follow in raising their consciousness.

Lady Sarah also brings forward preparation for the 11.11. moment which heralds in the start of the New Earth Template activating on Earth.

Lady Sarah – Cheryl Yambrach Rose

Channeled Message from Lady Sarah

Greetings, greetings, greetings, it is with honour and joy that I, Lady Sarah, come forth.

So many of you are hearing the call to work with my Divine Light.

I am very honoured indeed for you to have this opportunity to receive the Second Key of Ascension.

Now Gratitude is a vibration that affects all the chakras, but in particular the solar plexus.

For through the Key of Gratitude comes soul power and once you have mastered the art of being grateful, even in situations of stress, unpleasantness and pain, you are acknowledging that your soul has chosen these experiences in order to grow and rise and shine into the light.

The Second Key of Ascension supports you in further activation of your inner shining your light.

It helps to overcome hurdles and barriers that have affected Humanity for eons of time.

You are ready now to take on this key of light which will bring through illumination and deeper understanding of where you are consciously at.

What still are your Achilles heels to tackle? and through the Key of Gratitude a lot of these will dissolve away.

Know dear ones, that I am always here to support you and I am excited to activate this Second Key.

When I came on to Earth this key was already fully activated and awakened within me.

Many of you will have had it awaken before, particularly during the Atlantean epoch, so it will bring great relief to your souls when this is re-awoken again now.

As always, it is my honour, through love and light, to offer this facilitation for you today. Adoni.”
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