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Self Compassion - Metatron & Venus Starbeings New Moon Transmission

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In this powerful new moon 40 minute transmission meditation you will experience deep healing on Venus. As the Venus Star Beings support us in embracing full compassion for ourselves as a powerful Ascension tool.

The Venus Starbeings will support you in releasing subconscious conditioning that is holding you out of full compassion for yourself.

In the transmission Metatron escorts you through a Venus Stargate portal on Earth to enter the spaceship.

On board you meet a guide you starts the vibrational healing process.

You are connected to the New Moon energy and it pours down your chakras to open and prepare them for the Venus healing.

Alphedia channels the Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls and tones to bring through beautiful sound healing to help you make the frequency shifts your soul is ready to make.

On arrival in Venus you enter the healing space and choose to lie on a bed of Rhodochrosite crystal or Pink Petalite to have a soul healing on your compassion blocks and opening you up to self love.

They then take you into chambers to deactivate beliefs and frequencies of wounding you have been carrying, some of you for millennia.

They give you guidance on your percentage starting point on self compassion and the end point.

Alphedia was only 23% to start with and ended in the 90s showing the shift possible.

Compassion is such an important vibration to hold on the planet just now as we move into 5th dimensional consciousness.

It aids us in interacting compassionately with those not yet awake or struggling to overcome the 3D ego drivers.

You will receive messages of guidance from the Star beings as well as a gift to aid you on the next stage.

This is a beautiful healing which will aid you in harnessing more self love and love and compassion for all.

Auraengus completes the healing with a 15 minute gong bath bringing in the Compassion Codes and the New Moon Codes to support you going forward. The New moon was at 11.01 BST, 3rd June 2019.

Click here to listen free to Metatrons Channeling

Self Compassion - Metatron's Channeled Monthly Report

Greetings, greetings, greetings all.

I am Archangel Metatron, known as the Angel of Ascension.

I come forward at this New Moon to tell you all of the next waves of consciousness that are going to be hitting the Earth.

What is coming forth this New Moon are the vibrations of Compassion.

Compassion for self is paramount through this moon in Gemini.

If one is unable to be compassionate to the self then one is unable to truly be compassionate to others.

And really this moon cycle is all about compassionate self love.

The energies this year have been intense and as we are building up to the climax of the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere we are moving towards a tipping point, a further upgrade of Gaia’s holographic grid.

In order for the Lightworkers who have been sent onto Earth to support this, and activate even this upgrade, Compassionate Love is the key going forth.

Many of you on Earth at this time are driven by mental body expectation.

We have done work in the past in letting go of expectations but now this energy from this Gemini new moon is supporting you manifesting and bringing into being Compassionate and Loving experiences for your soul.

And maybe the compassion that you offer yourself is to let go of erroneous thinking, thinking that is coming from ego mind self.

Often this is subconscious but the light will shine into this now graphically demonstrating it for you.

Perhaps it is about letting go of people who are draining you of energy who are being unsupportive of your soul growth.

Perhaps the loving compassion for the self will be a change of diet and exercise regime or it may be a new career.

It is about manifesting what is most compassionate for your soul at this time without the buts and the shoulds.

In my New Moon Transmission healing this month I will be working with the Beings from Venus.

The Venus Starbeings know all about self love and nurture.

This transmission will be like a balm to your soul, will support you in being able to move into this place of self power to be compassion.

And as you bring compassion into your holographic matrix, as you activate these codes within your DNA once again, this brings compassion consciousness into all of Humanity.

Increasing the compassion for the birds and the animals and the reptiles and the trees and the plants and the flowers.

For Humanity is getting to this place where Gaia will no longer tolerate the disrespect her nature kingdom is receiving from Humans driven by greed and fear and possessions.

This New Moon offers the opportunity for Humanity to hold a mirror up to itself, to see the destruction that is happening to the beautiful planet through your life choices.

Perhaps you will be compassionate to yourself by choosing products with less plastic, making your own skincare regimes.

By moving away from the multinational corporations that are not being compassionate to the land, to their workers and to Gaia as a whole.

And know that the Venus Starbeings help you with any self love issues you have.

Many of you are still trapped in the unworthiness matrix believing you must be punished, believing even that you may, at times, have been bad but they are just 3 dimensional conditioning programmes.

As you make this shift into 5th dimensional reality you let go of judgements of the self.

This moon will be amplifying any areas where you are still being unloving."

Here is this month’s invocation prayer:

I call upon the energies of Archangel Metatron, the Angel of Ascension.

I ask you to support me through the waves of compassion that are flooding onto Earth at this time.

Know that I am ready to be compassionate to myself in all ways.

I am ready to extend that compassion out to others without judgement, to the Land, to the Companies, to all of Humanity and through the compassionate love, I am able to transform within myself.

I am willing now to move into this 5th dimensional consciousness place and I ask for your support and help in doing so.


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