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Self Love Archangels Chamuel & Charity Meditation

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The vibration of unconditional self love is of vital importance for light workers at this time to fully embody. As you do this, you step further out of 3rd dimensional patterning and let go of the old polarity matrix.

Alphedia Arara was asked to channel the Angels of the Heart Chakra Chamuel and Charity to support you in embracing self love.

The energies after the closing of the Lion’s Gate period and the last full moon support us now in exploring any areas within our emotional self, within our heart chakra, where we are still judging or suffering within the heart.

Many of you may be struggling with conditioning that you have inherited from past timelines or ancestral patternings, bringing in unworthiness, insecurity and feelings of not being good enough or lovable.

In this powerful channeled hours’ live meditation Archangel Chamuel and his wife Charity will be balancing the masculine and feminine aspect within you also to come into unity in love for the self.

As the light frequencies intensify on Earth we are being challenged at times to release and to look deeply into the shadow aspects of the self where any unlove for self is lurking.

As always Alphedia supports the channeled meditation through sound healing, channeling the crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, percussion, chimes and voice to create a fully immersive and healing journey for you.

Know the meditations can be repeated at any time to aid you in bringing more self love into being.

When one walks the path through loving ourselves wholly and completely one manifests loving experiences and interactions with others in all realms and dimensions.

No previous experience of meditation or working with the Angels is necessary to take part in this healing, if you feel the call and are ready now to love yourself completely.

We do hope you enjoy and are transformed in love and light through this experience.

Channeled Message from the Archangels Chamuel and Charity

Greetings, greetings, greetings, we come together in our balanced form of Oneness.

We are known as the Angels of Relationships, the Angels of the Heart Chakra and it is the relationship with yourself that we wish to support you in deep healing with at this time.

The doors are opening now for you to radiate your light as a Divine soul.

You have the opportunity now to fully encompass and embrace unconditional love for self.

In this healing we will take you to our Temple of love. We will introduce you to the eight angels who will be working on you to clear any feelings that are unloving towards yourself.

Some of you, we see, fear being loved, some of you hold shame, guilt, anger at self which will block your capacity to fully honour, worship and recognise the light that you as a soul are in the physical form on Earth at this time.

We will work with you with crystalline matrixes of Rose Quartz, Morganite, Pink Petalite to help you envelope the crystalline frequencies of love for self.

We will show you areas where you are being unloving towards yourself which you may be unaware of.

We will support you in fully making the commitment to love yourself unconditionally 100%.

We will work also within the solar plexus chakra which will support you in being in your full loving power.

We will also aid you in realigning and recalibrating yourself with the unconditional love frequency.

We will aid you in releasing past lives and any other ancestral karma and trauma that you are still processing and this will not only assist you, but the whole of your Monadic Group.

We will then start to work on showing you the benefit of loving yourself unconditionally 100% and how your life going forth will change and transform with your new self love vibration and focus.

As you move into this place of total acceptance through the loving light of Divine Source, which you are a Divine aspect of, you will feel a lot of insecurities and a lot of the blocks and resistance you are coming up against in your Earth walk, able to be navigated and transformed.

Many of you suffer depression, anxiety, because of this lack of acceptance of loving yourself completely.

Maybe some of you have taken on beliefs of others about your behaviour and your way of being.

So we will work a lot with you on self acceptance and acknowledging the uniqueness of your light.

If you feel that you have, perhaps, not performed to your best in this Earth walk so far we will aid you in healing and letting go of judgements, working with the forgiveness codes to move you forward on your Ascension path.

Know that we welcome you into our bosom, into our hearts and we honour you all in love. Adoni.”

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