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Seraphim Angels Loving Light Meditation

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The Seraphim Angels are one of the highest vibrations of Angels to connect with at this time and are here to offer healing to your energy systems.

Supported by Alphedia playing the Tibetan singing bowls as well as other musical instruments as well as toning and anchoring the codes through her voice an incredibly beautiful powerful healing meditation awaits you.

These meditations allow you greater illumination into who you are and aid you in your offering as a lightworker in increasing the vibrations on Planet Earth for the good of all.

Alphedia attunes you to this angelic vibration through this meditation to make it easier for you to connect with the Seraphim Angels in your daily life.

Channeled Message from the Seraphim Angels

Greetings we are the Seraphim Angels of light and we step forward to offer you this hours healing meditation journey. We are very high vibration Angels who many of you may have heard of but few of you have worked with us.

We work a lot with sound codes and we will be channeling through the Tibetan singing bowls for this healing journey also.The energies of 2016 accelerate once again.

More divine love light floods to the Planet Earth and those who are living upon it will all be affected. However, when you are flooded with the love vibration it challenges the part of you that is wounded and all of humanity is carrying wounding because of your separation from Divine Source because you were allowed free will during the Atlantean experiment and this allowed you to disconnect from Divine Source if you chose.

There will have been times in this incarnation and in previous where you have held unloving thoughts towards yourself and others and these create energy structure pathways which constrict when you are engulfed with pure Divine Love.

Hence you cry, release or indeed many reject receiving this powerful vibration. So we Seraphim Angels step forward with our loving light to gently prepare your energy system for what is to come throughout 2016.

To open up the pathways that may choose to constrict, to help you clear the vibrations of rejection, hurt, anger, self-suffering and disaffection. In essence we will be fine tuning your radio soul signature note, for it to sing higher and to be more refined.

This will aid you with physical health, poor mental processing, forgetfulness, disorganisation, apathy, lack of motivation and feelings of being lost.

The sacred codes we will channel through will allow you to remember your oneness with source. We will work on your chakra system up to the 18th chakra. For the 18th chakra is pure love, unconditional and for those of you who are ready this meditation will offer an accelerated increase in conscious awareness of truth and ability to see through the drama of the Earth realms and aid you in further enhancing your spiritual growth and connection with your Creator, your home planet, your soul group and your guides.

It will be a privilege to work on each of your energy systems as we build a powerful web of light around the world at the start of 2016. Namaste.”
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