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Seven Layers of Self Love - Antares Starbeings & Angels of Divine Love Workshop

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Would you like to feel more love for yourself? Do you wish a deeper connection with your own heart?

Alphedia Arara channeled this workshop to support your spiritual growth and love for yourself. Through loving yourself you can love others deeper and allow them to love you too.

In this full day workshop you are introduced to the energy of the Antares Star Beings and the band of Angels known as the Angels of Divine Love. You are taken into a blissful place to allow you your own inner journey of discovery.

To gently release and clear many years of persecution, trauma, self-hatred and through this you can bring back the vibration of unconditional love into all areas of your life and you can start to attract new relationships, friendships, work situations and spiritual situations which help support your journey of light. Which help support and honour you as a divine being, full of love, compassion and bliss.

  • Alphedia channels through guided healing meditations, chakra healings and also gives you information regarding the different layers of self-love. You are taken on healing journeys to clear each of the layers you are ready and able to access at the time.
  • You go on an ascension sphere attunement with the Antares Star Beings to work on your holographic matrix and to anchor structures in to help you realease any negativity and to anchor the vibration and hold the vibration of Divine Love.
  • This journey is supported by Alphedia channeling through the Tibetan singing bowls to aid you on your journey of inner self discovery.

The astrological energies are supporting us at this time as we delve deeper and deeper into a connection with our soul. Know that you are ready to take this next step, to become your true soul essence expressed through love on the Earth planes. The Angels of Love will support you and nurture you through this journey. As a race we are ready to embody more love!

Channeled Message from the Antares Star Beings

Greetings, greetings, greetings we are the Antarean Beings from the Star Antares.

Many of you will never have heard of our star but we in particular have been watching you on Earth. Some of you may remember us from the Lemurian experiment but we are now reseeding the planet, sending many children to Earth.

We are also stepping forward to assist you, along with the Angels of Divine Love, in integrating and activating the seven layers of self-love.

As a human you are birthed through many veils. Depending on your age will depend on how thick the veils you were birthed through, these keep you disconnected from your Divine truth and the ultimate knowledge of power which is that you are a being of love.

How many of you feel at times unable to love yourself in every aspect. We wish to now help you clear and heal the seven layers of self love starting with the outer layer.

This workshop will be like a workbook for you. We will channel through the information of the seven layers and how to work to clear each layer and to bring you to the ultimate place of feeling true unconditional, devotional, graceful, divine love and to be that vibration at all times.

During the last golden age of Atlantis was the last time on Earth that this has been possible for humanity. Many of you will be working from the third layer. Some of you may even be accessing the fifth layer but very few of you, if any accessing the sixth and seventh layers.

In this workshop, ourselves as Off World Star Beings will hold the grids to allow the Angels of Divine Love to work with your own guides in taking on this deeply healing journey.

Clearing out past life karma, past life carousel traumas, clearing out pre-incarnation contracts that no longer serve you and clearing our ancestral and familial line. For you to be in a state of grace, acceptance and Divine love in every moment of every day.

You will know if you are ready to work with our vibration for you would not be reading this now.

We will work with you from the tenth dimension and as you start to master our energies and as you allow us to work on your holographic matrix’s – which each one of you have – it is through this holographic matrix healing that we free you from the prison of third dimensional delusional reality.

We free you from your fears and we free you from your judgements. Are you ready to set yourself free knowing that this is for you to be able to honour your highest potential on Earth.

It is an honour and a blessing for us to assist humanity this way. We are a gentle race and welcome you to connect with us again. Namaste.”
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