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Sirian Agenda for Ascension on Earth – Transmission 1 of 3 – Pineal Upgrade

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Receive a huge upgrade of your pineal gland to help you access the new Earth templates.

Alphedia Arara invites you to be part of this exciting transmission from the Sirian Star Beings, which they are calling the start of the Sirian Agenda for Ascension on Earth.

Lord Sirius came forward to ask Alphedia to channel a series of three Transmissions to assist those souls who feel the call to help dream the Earth into the new reality. As Lord Sirius explains in his channelling, the new Earth templates are in place but awaiting full switch on.

The Sirians have decreed that Humanity requires upgraded pineal glands in order to fully access these new Earth templates.

In this transmission you are taken to Sirius A to meet with Sirian Medical Teachers who perform skilled and intricate energy work to upgrade your pineal glands.

This brings the benefit of, not only increasing your psychic abilities, but allowing you the opportunity to be part of this great Ascension awakening moment on Earth.

Many of you will be incarnate Sirians or will have studied on Sirius to learn the Sirian Ascension teachings.

The Sirians are an advanced Star Race who have already been through their own Ascension journey and live fully in the 5th Dimensional Consciousness and the higher dimensions.They are here to support Humanity at this time.

Alphedia, through this transmission, brings forward an invocation to help you connect with the Sirian Consciousness.

She channels live and you receive a Sirian Ascension sphere attunement so that your frequencies are aligned, balanced and prepared before you go on the transmission with the Sirian Star Beings to have this massive upgrade awakening your pineal gland.

After the transmission Auraengus Manu’s Sirian Tigers Eye Star Being Skull runs a personal integration healing for you.

This is an exciting opportunity for us all to do more Stargate Ascension work on Earth.

Channeling from Lord Sirius

Greetings, greetings, greeting, I am Lord Sirius.

I come forward to connect with you all at this time and to invite you to be part of the Sirian Agenda of Ascension on Earth.

Many of you have been working with us consciously or unconsciously over the last 3 years.

The Sirian Agenda is to support Planetary Ascension and Consciousness whilst in 3rd Dimensional form on Earth.

Many Sirians, in fact millions of Sirians, are currently incarnate on Earth and others of you have spent time learning within the Sirian Wisdom Temples.

What is occurring on Earth at this time is very interesting for us all to observe.

This situation has meant that many of you now are returning to the Source energy within, are returning to remembering your are part of a Brethren of Light on the Earth and you are being called to dream the New Earth Consciousness into reality.

The 5th Dimensional Earth is ready to be birthed, but in order for this to occur it requires the Lightworkers who are of high enough vibration to dream the New Earth into reality to have an upgraded pineal gland.

This time on Earth your pineal glands are not vibrating at a high enough frequency for you to access the New Earth Grids.

Now, the New Earth Grids are already in place but not yet switched on.

They are waiting until the critical mass of awakening has been reached, but to speed this up to help end your quarantine period on Earth requires for the upgrade of the pineal glands.

Now for you at this time it is all about preparing yourself.

This will be done in 3 parts, because having a high vibrating pineal gland will cause a massive detox within your physical self as well as a dramatic increase in vibrational frequency, to do this in 1 session would blow your minds literally.

So we wish to take you to Sirius A to work with our top Medical Ascension Teachers.

This will support you through this process over the next four to five weeks, depending on how well the upgrading is going for you all.

This then allows you the opportunity to integrate these inner shifts, for be under no illusion that if you feel the call to be part of this work, to not only help Humanity but your own personal Ascension process, then you will be upping your vibrational frequency and psychic awareness.

We look forward to doing this work with Humanity.

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