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Sirian Agenda for Ascension on Earth – Transmission 3 of 3 – Your Endocrine System Upgrade

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The Sirians work on purifying and detoxifying your Endocrine system in order to increase your vibratory speed of light.

This is the Sirian Starbeings' third transmission which they are calling the start of the Sirian Agenda for Ascension on Earth.

Over 4 million incarnate Sirians are on Earth at this time and many other lightworkers who have had many Sirian incarnations. Lord Sirius came forward to ask Alphedia to channel a series of three Transmissions to assist those souls who feel the call to help dream the Earth into the new reality.

As Lord Sirius explains in his channelling, the New Earth Templates are in place but awaiting full switch on.

In this third transmission they work on your glands and Endocrine system to purify these and detoxify in order to increase your vibratory speed of light. The higher we vibrate, the more psychic awareness we have and the greater the communication with Divine Source Light.

This transmission follows on from two previous ones which are shown at the bottom of the page and although they are recommended they are not necessary to take part in this transmission if your soul feels the call.

The Sirians have always had a strong and close connection with Humanity, supporting them through many great epochs of Humanity’s development on Earth. They are high vibration light beings from the 5th Dimension upwards who many of you will have trained with in their Ascension Temples before.

Alphedia Arara channels the Sirians and then leads you through a Sirian Ascension Sphere attunement to support you in calibrating to the Sirian frequency and releasing anything that you do not wish to take up in the spaceship holographically with you.

The 45 minute transmission is channeled through Alphedia and you receive deep Ascension healing.

On your return to Earth Auraengus leads you through a Sirian Gong Bath to integrate the energies, to recalibrate. ground and align you in your new detoxified form.

Channeling from the Sirian Consciousness

Greetings, greetings, I am known as Master Lankovich.

I am a Sirian Medical Officer in charge of Ascension of Earth programme.

Now, we have brought through two transmissions on this previously, it is time to work with my new technology, a Holographic Diamond Light Purifier.

We can see that the toxicity of the physical pineal glands are affecting Lightworkers on Earth at this time.

We have been developing this purifier to assist you with the purification of your glandular system.

You know this as your Endocrine system medically on Earth.

So the purification of the Endocrine system is of great importance for you all to be able to embody with great ease the higher Diamond Light codes.

These have been activated at the Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse.

This will allow you all to experience with greater ease the new higher vibratory state of your energy fields.

Now many of you will know the importance of the detoxification process and it has not been easy for a lot of you.

Many of you are suffering from glandular endocrine issues and this work began in earnest in January 2020.

As you are building up to the 6 month cycle we felt it was time to give you more support in the purification of your glands.

Of course as you purify your glands, you purify your chakras and this allows you to embody higher vibration light to further your Ascension process.

In this transmission you will travel to Sirius A, you will come to a special Vortex chamber that we have created to do this deep cleansing work for you.

We will be supporting you not only in the removal of physical toxins, but stuck emotions and mental processing.

This will bring through the reworking of your brain circuitry and Central Nervous System and offer a further upgrade of the Pineal gland which was the start of our three healing transmissions.

This is to prepare you for the Gateway opening at this potent Solstice point with the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Know you are all being prepared to move to this place of alignment with the Earth’s magnetic centre.

This will activate through the Pineal gland great inner changes to assist with your life flowing with greater ease.

If you are someone who has difficulty making decisions, standing by your choices knowing appropriate action to take for your soul going forth then this will benefit you greatly.

It will also support those who are confused about the finer details of their soul’s Ascension journey.

We will be bringing forward messages of wisdom and guidance for your own Ascension trajectory, supporting you in remembering your inner purpose.

As always it is always a great honour and joy for us Sirians to connect with you this way and we hold your best interests at heart for a successful mission on Earth.

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