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Sirian Agenda for Ascension on Earth - Transmission 2 of 3 - Central Nervous System

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The Sirians work on upgrading your Central Nervous System

Alphedia Arara has been contacted once again by the Sirian Star Beings. This is their second transmission which they are calling the start of the Sirian Agenda for Ascension on Earth.

Over 4 million incarnate Sirians are on Earth at this time and many other lightworkers who have had many Sirian incarnations. Lord Sirius has come forward to ask Alphedia to channel a series of three Transmissions to assist those souls who feel the call to help dream the Earth into the new reality.

As Lord Sirius explains in his channelling, the New Earth Templates are in place but awaiting full switch on.

The Sirians have decreed that Humanity requires upgraded pineal glands in order to fully access these new Earth templates.

The Sirians are an advanced Star Race who have already been through their own Ascension journey and live fully in the 5th Dimensional Consciousness and the higher dimensions. They are here to support Humanity at this time.

Alphedia Arara brings forward an invocation to help you connect with the Sirian Consciousness. You meet a Sirian Ascension guide and get messages on your own soul Stargate Ascension process. Including tips on what to focus on in your Earth walk journey just now.

  • Alphedia channels the Sirians live, followed by a Sirian Ascension Sphere attunement so that your frequencies are aligned, balanced and prepared before you go on the transmission with the Sirian Star Beings to work on your Central Nervous System.

After the 45-60 mins direct transmission Alphedia’s Sirian hollow Smokey Quartz Crystal Skull, Orion will run a personal integration healing for you.

Channeling from the Sirian Consciousness

Greetings, greetings, greeting, we are the Sirian Consciousness. We are assisting with the Ascension on Earth.

Last month we upgraded your Pineal glands to help with integration of Humanity’s consciousness with the New Earth template releasing.

This month we wish to focus on further work on the pineal gland, but also to support the Central Nervous System which is becoming extra sensitive as you increase in your vibratory light and as you open up more psychically.

Many of you at this time are being presented with your shadow side as your challenges to overcome.

The energies are causing a purging affect of anything that takes you out of your authentic self.

Now Humanity was instilled with a pain body during the fall of Atlantis.

The pain body, by virtue of its name, is what you experience pain with through the lower emotions; fear, anger, jealousy, hurt, apathy.

So these are being brought up now from the depths of your soul in this Scorpio Full Moon energy in order for you to recognise the pain body for what it is.

It is a tool for you to now overcome and bring light in to the shadow aspect of yourself.

It is your choice whether to be living in this place of pain or to rise, to bring in more light, and through bringing in the light you have the illuminated understanding of your reactions and responses to situations.

In order to bring in this higher light it requires the Pineal gland to open further.

So we can work upon detaching you from entities that control you perhaps, pain body matrixes you have inherited, or created, through soul lesson repetition, but that are now holding you back, limiting you and your possibilities.

So this Scorpio Full Moon’s energy is an excellent time to harness your Sovereign power once again.

We will take you to the healing chamber that we have created to support you moving out of your limitations, but first we will show you your limitations.

We will support you as you go through this process of rebirth, resurrection, soul freedom of expression.

Many of you came onto Earth to complete the karmic wheel, to finish living in 3rd Dimensional matrix in your Earth experiences and to herald in the 5th Dimensional Consciousness light wave.

It is our honour and our joy to support you in this process and to send you many blessings throughout this experience.

With our love and guidance. Adoni."
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