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Sirian Eighth Dimensional Diamond Healing

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"a complete realignment of our vibrational matrix"

Saturday the 10th of July.

3.00 pm till 5.00 pm BST

Rest of World: £40, UK: £48 (inc vat)

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Join Alphedia Arara and Aurengus Manu to celebrate the New Moon in Cancer which occurs at 2.16 am BST this Saturday.

Cancer is the sign of emotions, it is also known as the mother sign, nurturing and loving.

In the continuation of the Galactic New Earth series the Sirians come forward to offer this Eighth Dimensional Diamond Light Healing.

The Diamond Light is carried within the DNA matrix of all of humanity and as souls awaken they move to this place.

Switching on the Diamond Codex within their DNA when they are ready to reach Fifth Dimensional conscious awareness.

In this healing transmission the Sirians are going to take us to the Diamond Light Temple for an upgrade.

They are going to work on a complete realignment of our vibrational matrix to support moving forward with greater ease in the Ascension Process.

This will be an opportunity to let go of any troubles from your past including Karmic and ancestral.

To let go of anything that is manifesting in this life as a limitation, an illness, a block.

When the Sirians work on your matrix they will be reconnecting you to your Source Divinity reawakening the Diamond Light Portal deep within you.

At this higher frequency, this will allow you to have greater clarity in moving forward with your life, bring forward inspirational ideas and solutions to issues.

And to support you in experiencing great joy, happiness and abundance going forward.

This New Moon is a great time to nurture yourself with the highest loving light of Divine Source.

To let you be free, to spread your wings and to soar to the highest level available to you at this time.

You will get insights into who you truly are, insights into sticking points, manifestations that can now be dissolved and released.

As the Sirians assist you in removing all resistance to full healing.

In this workshop Alphedia will channel live the Sirians.

You will be taken on preparation meditation to anoint you with the New Moon energies.

To clear any density from your matrix and to remove any influences that are not supporting you for you highest and best going forward.

You will have the opportunity to create your monthly New Moon wishes, as well as receive a Sirian Eighth Dimensional attunement to prepare you for the transmission in the Diamond Temple.

You will then be led on the channelled live Sirian transmission, supported by the sounds of the sacred instruments to bring forward deep sound healing for your soul.

You will receive a Sirian crystal skull anchoring healing transmission.

As well as a New Moon in Cancer gong bath to receive the codes and the frequencies through this powerful sound instrument into your matrix.

As always the Star Being transmissions are incredibly powerful and provide us all with an opportunity for massive upgrade, and growth as souls to support us in our development and movement closer to oneness within.

Channelled message from the Sirians.

"Greetings, Greeting, Greetings,

My name is Master Zaihrinkah

I have been tasked as the Emissary to bring you all, for those who feel the call.

For those who remember us and those who have trained with us or are indeed one of us on an Earth Walk experience to come to this Eighth Dimensional Diamond Light Temple.

Here we will do a lot of psychic surgery upon you.

We will support you not only nurturing you through powerful releasing ceremony, but also harnessing this opportunity for soul growth.

You are all at different levels, you all have different back stories, different Galactic experiences.

We are supporting you through this transmission and awakening the Diamond Light Higher Consciousness.

So you are able to remember beyond what your human brain is capable of processing on a cognitive level.

So you are able to regain the deep knowingness and that deep recognition of who you truly are.

We are aiding you dear ones, if you wish to be aided, into this higher timeline Portal, beyond what humanity has been capable of since the Atlantean Epoch.

Honour yourselves this New Moon and allow us to honour you.

We invite you, we call you, we wish to support you.

You are never alone, no matter how dark a place it may seem on Earth, you have brethren here in the stars and it is time for you to know this and remember this.


Sirian Eighth Dimensional Diamond Healing

Saturday the 10th of July.

3.00 pm till 5.00 pm BST

Live Streaming on Vimeo and/or MP3 files Download After

Rest of World: £40, UK: £48 (inc vat)

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