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Sirian High Council - 3 hour Healing Transmission

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This is an opportunity for you to receive deep healing from their consciousness to assist you in your journey of light on Earth.

In this exciting offering from the Sirian High Council, Alphedia Arara brings forth live channeling from the Council.

You will receive a Live channeling from the Sirians and an Ascension Sphere attunement to work on your energy field, to prepare it for a powerful hours transmission from the Sirians where they will take you to their Healing Temple on Sirius.

You will then also go on a separate meditation to meet your own personal Sirian guide and to receive wisdom from him/her and an explanation why they are working with you.

The Sirians are an ancient star race who have been through their own ascension journey.

They have been channeling through Alphedia Arara for over a year to help support humanity in this ascension process and bring forth healing and clearing on a deep soul level, to facilitate your soul journey here on Earth.

Know this is a great opportunity for you to ascend with the assistance of the Sirians.

Channeling from The Sirian High Council

Greetings, we are from the Sirian High Council and we wish to bring forth this transmission workshop for you on Earth.

Many of you have been partaking in and making great shifts with our transmissions, which we have brought forth with great joy.

We feel now that as new codes are present on Earth and that she has increased her energy frequency yet again, that some of you will benefit from more of a workshop format healing.In this session we will bring through hour full transmission as usual.

However, we will also do healing work upon you in the Sirian Ascension Spheres and we will bring forth a new technology for you to master.

This technology will be light codes which will be embedded into your pineal glands and you will then be able to heal people and attune people through this technology.

First let us tell you of our plans. We wish to support you physically through this next stage of your Ascension. The first three months of 2018 will see you blossoming, but you will require to de-code yourself from miasms of guilt, grief, and confusion.

In this transmission we will take you to a new chamber we have created on Sirius B. In this chamber we will work to process karmic backlog.

Now these are energies that you have worked on but it has not yet been fully processed.This karmic backlog will not only be from your lifetime on Earth but from lifetimes in other dimensions and realties also.

We will work to change the vibrational frequency of your spinal column and we will work to process the karma that you have started to work on but has not fully released yet.

We will also do a chakra clearing as well as taking you to meet your own personal Sirian guide from our Sirian Council.You will be downloaded with work you are here to do on Earth with your Sirian guide to assist the Ascension Process and your own spiritual evolution.

At this time on Earth many of you are now ready to fully commit to working on your own spiritual evolution. We will also work on clearing illness miasms from you, so you can come to our healing chamber and we will work with our advanced light technology on any physical or emotional ailment that you are struggling with at this point.

This really is a session for you to deeply work with the Sirian race and for us to assist you with our advanced technology.

We look forward to attuning you to the Sirian Council in order that you can receive insights and wisdom of what we Sirians can offer.

It is a privilege as always to bring through these transmissions and we are learning much from your Ascension.

Many of you are incarnate Sirians who are being drawn to do these transmissions and we will be supporting you as always to fulfil your Earthly Mission.Namaste.”
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