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Sirian Soul Template - Hypothalamus (3 of 3)

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This is the third in a series of 3 transmissions from the Sirian Star Beings in 2018 which help to upgrade your soul template to cope with the upgrade of Gaia’s template on 12 December 2018. They awaken your hypothalamus gland which helps you to balance your body.

Alphedia Arara has been channeling the Sirians for three years bringing transmissions to aid us as Light Workers in moving further forward in our Ascension Path of Light.

The Sirians are supporting humanity not only with humanities consciousness upgrades but also in supporting Gaia Mother Earth as she upgrades her Light Template also.

These waves of Consciousness Codes that are being released by Gaia at key moments can be challenging for us if we are disconnected from the energy of our true self within.

The Sirians are profound healers and every transmission and attunement they bring through brings a lot of knowledge and wisdom to aid us in fulfilling our light mission, fulfilling our life purposes and for playing a key role in the deeper awakening of humanities consciousness.

Remember we are all here at this exciting time on Earth to experience as much soul bliss and greater connection with Divine Source whilst in a third dimensional physical body.

  • As always Alphedia Arara will support this transmission by playing live Tibetan singing bowls, percussion instruments and toning with her voice, to give you a very profound spiritual and healing journey.

It is not necessary to have taken part in any of the previous transmissions but they are all available for download on the website.

Channeling from the Sirians

Greetings, greetings, greetings,

We Sirians come forth to bring through the final transmission in this preparation for your soul temple upgrades.

This transmission will be focusing on the final gland in the brain, the hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus is one that is not talked so much about in your spiritual literature but it is of vital importance to be in balance as it is part of your regulatory system.

Know that in this transmission we will be taking you to Sirius A. My name is Kithiau. I am a pioneering medical scientist on Sirus A.

No Sirians have had this healing work done before as we do not have a hypothalamus gland in our brain similarly to yourselves.

We have therefore worked with many advisors and souls who have been taught as scientists on Earth, anatomists you may call them, to be able to bring through the correct vibrational frequency to work on your hypothalamuses.

As you hear, read my words, your hypothalamus gland portal will start to awaken.

This is a portal which allows your body physically to correspond through its systems and processes.

With the changing Earth frequencies, the hypothalamus gland will become vitally important for you all as a physical race as you progress further on your ascension journey, particularly from 2020 and beyond.

Many of you suffer imbalances within the body because of the dormancy of this portal within your hypothalamus gland.

Now, as the vibratory speed of your planet increases, those who choose to open up this gland portal will see a dramatic increase in their health, dramatic increase in their energy levels, and a dramatic increase in your desires to live a healthy life and to heal what is physically out of discord at this time for you all.

Know that in this healing that we will do, we are using light beam technology, developed by ourselves on Sirius A, the Arcturian High Council’s scientists and also the Lyron scientists.

We do not use the word scientist, but this is how you would most recognise our roles.

We wish to help you transform through the final stage of the preparation for your human template soul upgrade.

This allows you to become more enlightened when Gaia upgrades her template. For you to have a clearer knowing, knowledge and understanding.

But we will also work on the pineal and the pituitary glands to have all of these glands fully interlinked, functioning optimally and allowing you to physically transform the physical self through this process.

Many of you have been detoxing, have been manifesting in physical aches and pains in your muscles and bones, hormonal imbalances, parasitic fungal infections as your body purges the lower vibration aspects manifesting into physical form.

Know that this period becomes easier after you have all your brain glands working in harmony and at optimal speed.

We are very honoured and delighted as always to be of service to you all in this way, and we wish to support you all with your physical health improvement by offering a direct message to those who seek to have one regarding your health.

This opportunity we offer gladly.

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