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Sirian Soul Template - Pineal (1 of 3)

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This is the first in a series of 3 transmissions from the Sirian Star Beings in 2018 which help to upgrade your soul template to cope with the upgrade of Gaia’s template on 12 December 2018. They bring through healing for your pineal gland.

For over 18 months, Alphedia Arara has been channeling the Sirian Star Beings, who bring through transmissions to help us on Earth with our Ascension Process and with healing techniques that they are developing to help us as a race evolve.

Humanity is populated by over a million Sirians and this number is daily increasing. And even if you are not an incarnate Sirian, you will still benefit greatly from their healing transmissions.

Channeled Message from the Sirians

Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am the Sirian spaceship commander. For we now have 4 Sirian spaceships currently connecting with the Emerald Isles.

I have been asked to make a connection with you through this channel in the Emerald Isles to help facilitate healing around the World.

My name is Spaceship Commander Ontara. And I have brought a new spaceship into the Earth’s sphere. We are here assisting with the overseeing of the stabilisation of the Earth grids at this time.

But, we have also been requested to act as a shuttle to assist souls who wish to come on board the spaceship and have their energy systems attuned to enter into the pineal gland activation chamber on Sirius B.

This Pineal Gland Activation Chamber has been used by Sirians for many eons of time, and now that humanity is increasing its vibration, you are ready for the Pineal Gland Chakra to open more fully for you.

This gives you the opportunity to see holographically the morphic fields of light that you are interacting with whilst on the Earth plane.

It also allows you to see holographically and clairvoyantly more easily with your third eyes, as your pineal gland chakra is linked with your physical glandular system, which we do not have on Sirius.

We will also be working on the healing of the physical structure of the pineal gland to allow it to physically harness more light that will then be generating energy for you going ahead.

We see that many of you are struggling with this Ascension Process at this time due to sluggishness of your organs and your central nervous system due to your toxic environs you are all living within.

Know that in this healing transmission, we offer you the opportunity to not only detox, but also to stimulate sluggish organs through refining the work that your pineal gland physically performs for you.

Know that on a spiritual level, the pineal gland activates light quotient codes. This will give you the opportunity to process more of the sacred geometry light code information that is being sent to you from your home origin.

Know that Earth is an inhabited island humanity created by the Intergalactic Council and the Divine Source as an experiment to experience physicality whilst with free will.

And now though, you are remembering that connection with Divine Source is what all souls seek and that you are here, as a soul within this physical shell, which is your vehicle at this point for soul healing and growth.

We see many of you are already committed to doing your inner work as a soul to progress not only yourselves, but your whole monadic group, and to ascend out of the karmic incarnation cycle on Earth.Gaia is wishing to upgrade her template further on the 12th of December 2018 and we want to help you in preparation for this in the months to come, so that you are able to cope with the next stage of the template upgrade.

We will bring through a series of 3 transmissions, this being the first, to help upgrade your own soul template to cope with the planetary template upgrade in December.Know that we offer this service to you in great joy to support you in your Earth walk at this time.

It is a great privilege always for us to bring through this wisdom light.Namaste and Adoni.”
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