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Sirian Soul Template - Sovereignty (2 of 3)

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This is the second in a series of 3 transmissions from the Sirian Star Beings in 2018 which help to upgrade your soul template to cope with the upgrade of Gaia’s template on 12 December 2018. They bring through codes of light for your pituitary gland which allows you to step more into your Soul Sovereignty.

The Sirians are profound healers and every transmission and attunement they bring through brings a lot of knowledge and wisdom to aid us in fulfilling our light mission, fulfilling our life purposes and for playing a key role in the deeper awakening of humanities consciousness.

Alphedia Arara has been channeling the Sirians for three years bringing transmissions to aid us as Light Workers in moving further forward in our Ascension Path of Light.

The Sirians are supporting humanity not only with humanities consciousness upgrades but also in supporting Gaia Mother Earth as she upgrades her Light Template also.

These waves of Consciousness Codes that are being released by Gaia at key moments can be challenging for us if we are disconnected from the energy of our true self within.

Remember we are all here at this exciting time on Earth to experience as much soul bliss and greater connection with Divine Source whilst in a third dimensional physical body.

As always Alphedia Arara will support this transmission by playing live Tibetan singing bowls, percussion instruments and toning with her voice, to give you a very profound spiritual and healing journey.

It is not necessary to have taken part in any of the previous transmissions but they are all available for download on the website.

Channeling from the Sirians

“Greetings, greetings all,I come forth as a Sirian Ascension Master High Priest to support you on the next stage of the changes required in the human matrix for humanity to evolve smoothly thorough Gaias template upgrade.

Many of you took part in our Pineal Gland Upgrade, it was an honour for us to work upon you this way.In this latest transmission we will take your consciousness to Sirius A.

We are going to take you on the next stage of the upgrade of your holographic matrixes. As you open up your consciousness of thought.

We are taking you to an Ascension Chamber. In this ascension chamber we will work on recalibrating your vibrational frequencies with Divine Will.

We will seed into your pituitary glands Creation Codes of Light.

Now the pituitary gland is the master gland in your human body, it controls the whole glandular system.

And this gland, opening up, a dormant portal consciousness which connects you and aligns you to the Will of Creator.

It gives you the opportunity to more fully step into your Soul Sovereignty.

Gaia's template upgrade on 15 Dec 2018 will require human consciousness to become more aware of the importance of soul sovereignty.

Remember you light workers are so far ahead of the consciousness of your mass populace. By seeding within yourself the Creation Codes of Divine Will, through osmosis, this knowledge, this wisdom, seeds into human consciousness.

This gives you all the opportunity to step out of your subconscious confinements. Many of which are deeply engrained within your holographic consciousness matrix because of the subliminal disempowerment coming from your governments, your legal systems, financial systems which are still running through the Annunaki programming.

Though this healing journey we will waken within you a deeper confidence in who you are, a deeper confidence in your manifestation abilities and a deeper knowing of your true integrity.

This will transform the energy systems of those who are ready to harness this Higher Light. Allowing a lot of the blocks and challenges you have faced because of your fear based programming to dissolve away.

We will also work on upgrading your feet chakras and explaining to you the importance of the feet chakras as Mother Earth upgrades her template.

As always it is a great honour and privilege for us Sirians to support so many of you on this Ascension Light Journey.

With deep respect and regard for you all,Many Blessings, Adonai “
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