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Sirian Transmission 1 - Clearing Shock Vibration

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This is the first in a series of healing transmissions from the Sirian Star Beings, they start with clearing the shock out of our energy systems.

Alphedia Arara has been working with the Sirians for many years and finds them a key ally and tool to work with at this time.

These transmissions will be to aid humanity in healing from the shock of cataclysmic events that happened on the earth 12000 years ago. These cataclysmic events are imprinted within the DNA coding of all humanity and this deep shock that runs through all the DNA is now ready to be healed.

The Sirians now wish to bring forth these transmissions to aid those who are willing to refine their encoding, this is the first in the series. They have had a close relationship with us on Planet Earth for thousands of years.

This workshop will also include a crystal skull healing from Auraengus’s Sirian Tigers Eye Star Being Skull who will run integration and alignment on you after the meditation.

Channeled Message from the Sirians

Greetings we come forward from the High Council of Sirius A. We have joined together forces with the High Council of Sirius B to bring forward the wisdom that we as Sirian High Council Masters carry.

We wish to bring forward teachings for you that will be familiar on a deep soul level. By working on clearing the shock out of your energy systems you will be able to work from a place of clarity and deep truth and awakened light wisdom.

To do this healing we require to bring through 3 transmissions. The first one will be to prepare your energy system.

We will take you into our temple. We have been developing this technique for many of your Earthly years. We did not develop it to assist humanity but rather to assist our fellow patriarchs with shock that occurred within our own star system.

We have been able to see how it has spread down the generational lines, reducing the vitality and the potential of our Sirian souls.

In this healing meditation we wish to bring forward a light healing technique that we have created a vibrational space for. Using universal sacred geometry also, you will experience during this healing a great relief.

Tensions that have been stored in your skeleton will be released and you will no longer be able to live blindly for shock is a paralysis and when you step out of your paralysis you are able to create the manifestations of existence as you wish.

Know that this Ascension Process is complex, multifaceted and we offer to hand you a piece of the jigsaw. We will bring through toning frequencies and activate your dormant songs of life. For the song of life is programmed into all humanity yet due to corruption that occurred you are unable to access it fully, you are only accessing 5% of its true potential.

We are excited and honoured to offer this experience. Namaste”.
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