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Sirian Transmission 2 - Stepping into your Sovereign Truth

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The second healing transmission from the Sirians, helping you to step into your sovereign truth.

Alphedia Arara brings through the second transmission from the Sirian Star Beings. The First transmission began your healing journey with clearing the shock vibration. In this transmission the Sirians from Sirius A come through to align you with your sovereign truth.

This transmission is facilitated by Alphedia Arara channeling live the Sirian Beings on the day and also singing frequencies and codes from the Tibetan singing bowls.

You are all welcome. You are all worthy of stepping into your sovereign truth now.

It is recommended that should you wish to partake in this workshop that you have already completed the previous transmission which was to clear the shock vibration out of your energy system.

Channeled Message from the Sirian Star Beings

Greetings and it is a privilege for us to come forth again to work with Lightworkers on Earth.This is the second stage of our transmissions and we are focusing on assisting you on the removal of blocks that are stopping you being fully in your sovereign truth at all times.

The conditioning from your Global World Order is that to keep you in slavery and under the illusion that you are not in control of your path.

Disempowerment on Earth occurs on many levels; starting with your medicine, then your education, your legal structures and Government. As you awaken, you remember that you are beings of love and light. You remember your power of alchemical change.You are able to change any situation in your reality when you step into your sovereign truth.

We will take you up into our Temple of Light and take you into the Second chamber that we created for our race but now the Intergalactic Council has decreed we can offer humanity the opportunity to experience the codes and frequencies that we developed with divine decree.

This will deprogram you of Annunaki conditioning. It will align you to Galactic truth and it will remove from you implants and paradigm conditioning that is stopping you from fully connecting with the divine energies of abundance, attraction and sovereignty.

When you take command of your sovereign power this will bring forth changes in your health, finances, relationships, family life and career.

The more of you who now step into your sovereign truth, the more powerful the light that you hold will be and through holding this light you catalyse shifts in consciousness on a mass global scale.

Do not underestimate the power of this work your soul is asking to partake in.This will be a powerful transmission, a further upgrade of the pineal gland to allow you to open up your third eye more fully and also to activate within you a remembrance of the codes you were seeded with at your creation as a soul.

You each carry unique frequencies and these are your truth. The truth of your essence.

We will clear the chakra system and the meridian systems of toxic thoughts and energy and align you to the powerful vibrations of your sovereign truth.

This will facilitate you in increasing in self-worth, self-confidence and the realisation that all is possible for you.

Many of you lack that realisation and we are through this transmission assisting you in seeing that your truth and the being of that is all important.

It is a privilege. Namaste. Adoni.”

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