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Sirian Transmission 3 - Breaking down the barriers to Divine Truth

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Workshop date: 9 Janaury 2017
Duration approximately: 1.5 hrs
Please note: There is no personal message avaiable with this recording. Audio download available.

Your Divine Truth is in you at all times..it is your unique reference point, yet many of us struggle to connect with it at all times. The Sirians wish to help us breaking down these barriers so thatwe are able to be, to live and to speak our Divine Truth always.

This workshop is now available on MP3 audio download automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

Workshop took place 9th January 2017.

As humans we enter onto earth through veils, these veils are known as the views of illusion. They stop us, in essence accessing our Divine Truth at all time.

Currently our society is corrupted by the conditioning through our education, our medical systems, our businesses and our governments, who hold a particular paradigm thought agenda.

This workshop will take the same format as previous transmissions. Alphedia Arara channels live information from the Sirians and then will take you on a powerful guided healing journey through meditation.

Channelled message from the Sirians

“Greetings beloved one and we wish to commend you for your commitment to your service of the light, for your commitment to your soul growth and purpose and in this final transmission of this stage for we have decided to bring forth more transmissions for 2017.

In this final part we will take you into another chamber that we created to assist our race. In this chamber that you will enter we will be working on breaking down the barriers that are stopping your from being Truth always.

Firstly we will lead you in through a mosaic of doors of which you will choose and this will guide you as to what barriers, conditioning that you are personally holding.

Once you have an understanding of where you are at and what is blocking you we can then start to run a self-discovery programme. Now this we developed through sound and coded colour frequency, the vibration of red. And this helps to empower you to access your own divine truth.

The next stage will then be to work on deprogramming you from societal untruths.This will allow you to have a greater understanding of the control mechanisms that are placed upon humanity by other world orders. Once this has been cleared you will go through the 3rd programme which will involve you taking back your power to reconnect with your Divine Truth.

Now this 3rd frequency will be the one that you find most challenging. As a race you have been disempowered by the Anunnaki and this technique that we have developed will help you to reclaim your inner Truth, which has been there always but has been depressed. Through this we will run into your pineal gland, which is where your blockages will be occurring.

You will then receive integration and recalibration.This will be a powerful transmission altering your energy field greatly. It is recommended this transmission is done 3 times for you to experience the full upgrade.

For once you break down the barriers to your Divine Truth, you are aware of when they are reforming or trying to be programmed back into you.You’ll become aware of your centre point and feel more aligned.

Things will flow more easily for you as your ego loses control. Know this will be a powerful upgrade to support you for the shifts and frequencies heralded in on the 1st January 2017.

Know that we love, guide and support you and are key allies in the awakening process and the soul journey that you traverse along.It is a privilege as always to reconnect and we offer you our healing service now. Namaste, Adoni".
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