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Sirian Transmission 4 - Clearing the 5 layers of Societal Conditioning

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In this fourth transmission the Sirians will do further healing on us and clearing, working on our glands and endocrine systems.

Following on from the previous three Sirian Transmissions they have come forward again with new information and healing techniques after discovering humanity has 5 veils of Societal conditioning rather than just the one they had previously thought.

Alphedia Arara channels the Sirians live and leads you on a journey with them into their realm of light, travelling on their spaceship to Sirius.

This will be another unique opportunity for us as light workers on Earth to receive wisdom from them. All the transmissions from the Sirians have been incredibly powerful and healing.

Alphedia tones and channels the singing bowls and drum as well as frequencies, codes and messages in this hour’s transmission.

Sirian High Council Channeling

Greetings we are the Sirians and we come forward again to offer a transmission to Light Workers on Earth.

Following on from our third transmission where we learnt that humanity holds a lot more societal conditioning that we had realised. We have now further information and healing to offer you in clearing the 5 layers of societal conditioning.

In our last transmission we had expected only one layer and yet we found you are more complex and multifaceted on Earth than we had acknowledged. We cleared one layer from you but now have the knowledge to work on the other four layers previously unacknowledged by us.

We will now work on clearing the thymus gland in your heart chakras of societal conditioning about love and being loved, we will work on the adrenal glands affecting your propensity and removing fear of illness and lack.

We will work on clearing the pituitary gland where you store conditioning about behaviour and towing the conventional line. The other layer that you have is that programming you have inherited through your DNA line.

In this transmission we will also focusing on aligning you to Creators Truth, as you have been corrupted in Atlantis by the Annunaki and taken on their truths.It is now possible to step free of this and align with Creator’s truth once again.

This was a massive shift for us as a species as we altered our DNA patterning (although ours is different to yours and we do not call it DNA) but the process or reproduction of codes is the same it carries conditioning.

This transmission will alter your light frequency and more of you will feel a stronger presence and connection with us in this life.

We offer you to our support on your missions and we particularly call out to those who have spend time on Sirius to remember the knowledge you have garnered here and the use if can be on Earth.

It is an honour always for us to be able to bring forth these transmission to aid you in your light work”.Namaste'.

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