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Sirian Transmission 6 - Into your Heart of Love

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The Sirians again come forward with a transformative and powerful transmission. This time to help us release conditioning to be able to sit in our ‘Heart of Love’, to find peace and contentment.

This is the sixth Transmission in this powerful and transformative series.

We are indeed full of gratitude for the help and assistance offered and given at this time by the Sirians to the Human Race.

Sirian Channeling

Greetings we are the Sirians and we come forth once again to remind you of our beloved friendship.

We are very honoured indeed that so many souls have been willing to connect with us and to do the deep soul work with us. We have been observing how our other transmissions have affected your energy systems and we have decided to bring forth another two transmissions and a full days workshop to help you on Earth this time in the Ascension journey.

For as your souls are ascending there seems to be collective energies that you are all battling with and in this latest transmission we wish to help you break free of conditioned love.

Now you may be confused as to why we wish to come forth with this, yet we have observed as humans you condition your love, you do this unawarely and you miss appropriate love as well. And this is why you have become a very materialistic society on Earth for you have conditioned love for gadgets for possessions and ownership.

We wish to, through this transmission, to take you into one of the temples that we have created on Sirius A.

In this temple we will deactivate your programming for consumption, and deactivate your conditioned programming for romantic love, for familial love, for love of the planet.

Once this conditioned love vibration is removed from you it will be easier for you to truly sit in your Heart of Love.

When you sit in the Heart of Love, you feel a deep contentment. Able to respond to the world to people to situations in your daily existence from this place of stillness.

This place is within you all, yet few of you reside in this place. It will alter your reality, it will alter your world and humanity at large.

If you can come into this place of being know that we Sirians support you. Namaste and Adonai.”
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