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Sirian Transmission 8 - Holographic Matrix Upgrade

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This advanced race, who have been through their own ascension process, have stepped forward to bring another transmission to assist us in our ascension process on Earth, this time in upgrading our Holographic Matrix.

Alphedia Arara has been channeling the Sirian star beings in a series of transmissions.

This workshop is an hour’s transmission from the Sirian star race. It is supported by the sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls, drum, crystal singing bowls and percussion.

It is not necessary to have taken part in the previous transmissions, however it is recommended if you are able to do so.

Channeled message from the Sirians

Greetings it is with great privilege that we come forth again to bring through this Ascension Transmission.

In this session, we wish to offer you an upgrade of your holographic matrix. We have been developing technology in a temple on Sirius B to support the fast track of ascension, not only on Planet Earth, but on other stars and in other galaxies.

We trialled this with our race, and what we witnessed was an increased pace of ascension, an increased pace of consciousness. As Sirians, we were all fully committed to mass ascension.

On Earth, because you have your experiment of free will, this makes mass collective conscious ascension more difficult and allows for the darker forces to have a greater influence, particularly the reptilian race.

We therefore have developed a technique which will increase your energy vibration by, we reckon, 300%. Now this will be a massive increase and too much for some of you, depending on your physical state of being.

We therefore have tailored it that you will enter a special chamber first, to receive an assessment from a Sirian medical, what you would call, doctor. This will allow you the opportunity to work at your own pace when you enter the temple for the holographic matrix upgrade.

By doing this work you will open up channels of light dormant in your brain and chakra system. They are dormant because they were switched off at the fall of Atlantis.And we have permission now from the Intergalactic Council of Light to do this work for you.

In opening up these dormant channels, these will allow you to vibrate at a higher level, but also to access consciousness that has been impossible for you until this point.

Know that if you choose to do this work with us, you not only be fast tracking for your soul’s growth and evolution, but that of your whole oversoul and monad group collective also.

This means that you will have a greater impact on collective consciousness awakening throughout the universe.You will find that through doing this work you have a clearer vision of the opportunities that lie ahead for you on Earth.

Now, for us on Sirius, we do not have a choice, we have a path, we are in alignment with following and we are in a state of grace and bliss at doing this.This is not to say that we have not had our challenges or difficulties.

However, these have come from out-with rather than from within.And many of the challenges that face you whilst on Earth come from within because of the aspect of free will.

Now we are not suggesting taking your free will away from you, what we are aiming to do is to make use of the free will choice for your highest and best soul growth potential.

Rogelio Bernal Andreo – www.deepskycolours.com Andromeda Galaxy

We will work with the Andromedans also in this session to bring you more into alignment with Divine Love frequency, which is the most powerful tool you can access whilst on Planet Earth.

I have had the great privilege of bringing through this transmission, my name is Commander Antana. I was tasked with the job of creating this chamber and working with the Planet Earth, which we seeded many hundreds of thousands of years ago.

We therefore feel responsible for assisting you through your Ascension journey.

It is a privilege, Adoni.”
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