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Sirian Workshop Recordings


"Love you for being a great fascilitator! The Sirian transmissions were amazing." Samalia, The Netherlands

"The Sirian transmission definitely cleared some stuff - I was laying down and my legs would not stop jolting! Afterwards, I was being urged to stand up as I needed to let stuff drain out from my legs. I feel that was fear related energy including self worth stuff; my legs are where I tend to feel that energy when it happens. My legs just feel such a more solid happy pink energy today 🙂 I also had something happen at work where usually it would have made me angry and I said to someone 'I am really angry' but then I thought oh actually hang on I am not - I realised my brain had said that because that is how it expected me to react historically, but I didn't feel any physical anger energy at all. I have loved all the Sirian transmissions, so I am glad there will now be a fifth even if it is because we are a bit more hard work." Sam, England