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Snow Queen, Merlin & Green Man Full Moon Workshop

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These three deities assist you in harnessing a new cycle of abundance and new growth.

This Full Moon occurred on the 25th December 2015, Christmas Day at 11.11am. This Full Moon was in the sign of Cancer which represents balancing productivity with nourishing roots.

The Snow Queen is a powerful Fairy Queen who Alphedia Arara has been working with for years. She represents the vibration of purity and cleansing. She cleans the land and brings stillness and peace.

Merlin is a Celtic Wizard. He is the alchemist of magic, transformation and change.

The Green Man is the representation of fertility and new growth. Around this time of the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is the return of the Sun Gods and the Green Man’s energy is increasing in strength.

  • Alphedia Arara channels The Snow Queen
  • She leads you on a self-realisation exercise to help you let go of that should you not wish to take it into the new year.
  • You go on a guided meditation with the three deities to bring about healing.

Channeled Message from the Snow Queen

“Greetings I am known as the Snow Queen and I come forward to offer this healing Full Moon meditation to support starting anew, to help you wipe the slate clean. To let go of that which no longer serves you and that which you no longer require or wish to be part of your energy vibration and to bring forward acceptance of self.

I have asked for the presence of The Green Man and Merlin to support the healing work I am to do with you. By using not only my energy but also Merlin’s transformational magic to bring about the change in being of who you are, to help you become more into integrity and truth of your soul self and to let go of the persona’s that play out between yourself and others that are not aligned with your highest best.

I have brought forward the Green Man to also support in energising you at this period. To help in amplifying your connection with nature and to help you feel the vitality within the Green Ray.

Often in this time of the Winter Solstice people retreat within, but this year it is all about harnessing vital energies. Know that this Moon supports you in rebirthing, in beginning a new chapter in your life but in doing so with a deep connection to the nature realms. For when you are connected with the nature kingdom you are part of the whole, you feel alive. You have more creativity, more vision and more compassion for yourself.

Blessed Be Dear Ones. Blessed Be.”
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