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Solar Eclipse Transmission Meditation with Egyptian God Osiris

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Do you wish to upgrade your timeline reality? Have you had enough of 3d agendas? Now you can be aligned with your highest frequency and begin the journey of ultimate Oneness with Divine Source.The planet is ready for the upgrade coming. Are you?

Alphedia Arara channels God Osiris of the Egyptian Pantheon for one hour using voice, crystal and Tibetan sing bowls to bring though this awesome and intensely powerful transmission and upgrade to your energy systems.

Channeling from Egyptian God Osiris

The energies of this solar eclipse and new moon bring together a culmination of light which tips the quotient required for a new portal opening in the Great Pyramid Chamber in Giza.

This energetic chamber was created for when humanity was aware enough once again of their soul connection to the Great Source of Light which governs all the realms within your reality”……..“Now many of you are awake enough to access this Chamber of Wisdom - known as the Halls of Amenti.

Here ancient knowledge and wisdom is held which your soul can now collect its truths from.

In this transmission I wish to take you into the chamber on the 21st August 2017 to allow you to reset yourself energetically.

To be realigned with your soul sovereignty and to be cleared of agendas of other orders who have influenced humanity since the fall in Atlantis.

You are READY as a race now to become fully awakened to your Divinity and roles you are, as vast souls of light, here to do at this time of great change on Earth. For this great experiment is now in a further stage which had been prepared for. Well done you have made it!

This eclipse will allow you to access a deeper wisdom, a realignment and remembrance of life without the veils.This is the truth you as a seeker of light have been searching for.

The mystery of why you are on Earth taking part in the mission of awakening!In this transmission you will meet my wife Goddess Isis, my son Horus, and the Goddess Hathor who will perform a sound healing on you.

This eclipse is a reset point. Allow yourself the best change to harness this energy burst and the wisdom that it offers you on your journey. Namaste.”
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