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Solstice Dragon Keys Earth Healing Virtual Retreat

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Sunday 16th June - Sunday 23rd June 2024

Live on Vimeo Video with Recordings after

Channelled by Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu

Three options offered to be part of this Solstice Isle of Arran Celebration

Option 1 - Full Retreat £175 or £210 UK inc vat

Option 2 - Full Retreat plus Personal Channeled Dragon Message £225 or £270 UK inc vat

Option 3 - Machrie Stones Solar light Transmission (included in 1 & 2 as bonus offering) £15 or £18 UK inc vat

Option 1 – Full Retreat

Solstice Dragon Keys Earth Healing Virtual Retreat

Calling the Dragon Riders, the Earth Wisdom Keepers, the Healers and the Star Seeds!!!

An Exceptional Exciting Opportunity to activate and receive the Dragon 7th Dimensional Keys of Ascension within you and receive a Sirian High Council download in the double ring Stone Circle!

Become a certified Dragon Ascension Key holder to be able to pass the keys onto others to upgrade their healing journeys.

Join Alphedia and Auraengus this Solstice on the magical Scottish island of Arran, home to the famous Machrie Moor Stone Circles and Sirian Star Gate Portal.

This Virtual retreat (which you can attend on the island if you wish to be with us on Solstice Day) will combine a week’s worth of Solstice celebrations and powerful Earth activation work with the Dragon Realm, Crystal Skulls and Star Being Realm.

As always Alphedia will be channeling live the Earth Healing work we are being asked to perform this time on Arran Island and this will support your own Soul Ascension and that of Planet Earth.

We will also be holding preparation workshops from Dalriada in advance and a healing workshop after our Island trip to assist with the integration of the energies in your matrix to fast track your soul ascension.

When we work in ceremony with these powerful beings; the Dragons and the Sirian Star Race we receive great expansion of consciousness as well as fulfilment of parts of our soul missions.

This Solstice the Dragon Keys of the 7th Dimensional Earth are to be released to flood the leylines with new Higher Diamond Light Codes and to upgrade the land vibration on Earth.

This in turn upgrades our vibration and opens up dormant portals in our brains for new streams of higher consciousness from Source to come through and be available for humanity going forth.

Many of us hear the call of the Dragons and know we have worked with them in the past, where they shared their wisdom and great esoteric teachings with us about our abilities to transform and instigate change.

This Solstice the Dragons not only will be upgrading the land but are offering to upgrade our matrix as they embed the 7th Dimensional Dragon Keys of truth and knowledge into our holographic matrixes.

What will this do you ask?

7th Dimensional Dragon Channelling

“The Dragons Keys are holographic symbols that are holding the frequencies the land and humanity require to take up the next stage of the Ascension path in our return out of the darkness era and into living fully in the light.

These Dragons Keys were removed from the Earth at the fall of Atlantis and only now are able to be returned.

Many Dragon Initiates held the Dragon Keys in Atlantis and these will be reactivated within you.

If you did not then the Dragons will download the Keys into your holographic matrix and give you permission to pass the keys on to those you feel are ready to be holding them too.

Holding these Keys within you will tip your energy frequency more fully into 7th dimensional living consciousness.

They will change your outlook on life, resolve inner issues by providing a new view on your life situation and also bring through inspiration and inner guidance more easily.

By becoming a Dragon Key Holder you are able to activate others who are on the Path of Ascension in this incarnation, leading them to the light on a journey with us.”

The Dragons will activate these keys in the complex leyline grid at the Machrie stones on Solstice Day with our help.

We will work with Crystal Dragon Skulls and Crystal Skulls to clear the land and open the Earth energy leyline channels energetically to create more free flow of the Earth energies and the Dragon Keys.

The Keys will enable us to refine our energy field making us more psychically sensitive and aware, becoming more crystalline in our bones, thereby holding more radiant light for our own healing journey and those we wish to offer healing too.

It will unlock within you the Dragon Codes of Truth and support you in seeing into other dimensions and being able to live on Earth from a place of higher conscious understanding of your soul powers and mastery.

Where is Arran?

This Summer Solstice Alphedia was asked to perform an activation ceremony at Machrie Moor Stone Circles on the Scottish Island of Arran.

The Isle of Arran is an island off the west coast of Scotland a half hour ferry ride from the Mull of Kintyre.

It is the largest island in the Firth of Clyde and the seventh-largest Scottish island, at 432 square kilometres.

There are 6 stone circles, one of which is a double circle, these circles are comprised of standing stones and burial cairns.

The standing stone circles date from around 2000BC making them nearly 4500 years old.

The Machrie stone circles are in general alignment with a notch in the skyline where Machrie Glen divides in two. The notch is intersected by the sun on Midsummer Morning.

Arran Sits in a sacred equilateral Triangle, a Pyramid of Light, with Avebury and Kealkill in Eire all important sites (see Freddy Silva ; Common Wealth)

Alphedia has travelled all over visiting the stone circles and alignments and similarly to Carnac in France this landscape is very complex and detailed in its arrangement.

Each circle and stone configuration holds different energy tones for you to experience.

At the Summer Solstice 2014 Alphedia was called to this island to activate the return of the Dragons of these stone circles to reactivate their dormant energy.

The double circle of standing stones is a portal to the Sirian star system and we will do activations on Solstice day at each alignment and circle.

If you wish to attend on Arran please email [email protected] for more information. We will be camping by the stones at a caravan site.

Please note as we are on location in a rural part of Scotland the signal can be patchy but we will move around to get the best live Video signal. Back up videos will be taken.

Retreat Schedule

Sunday 16th June, 6.30pm-8.30pm : Preparation Workshop

The retreat will be split over a week with the first day Sunday being a preparation to support you with deepening your connection to the Dragon Realm, meeting your Dragon guides and receiving Dragon healing and finding out your Earth healing role with the Dragons in this incarnation.

You will learn what the Dragon Keys are and how they can help you in your personal and professional life going forward.

Alphedia will be channeling live the Dragons to prepare our energy with deep chakra healing and cleansing.

Attuning us to the Higher Dragon Template of Consciousness and bringing through channelled guidance about the 7th dimensional Dragon Keys and how to use them in our daily life.

We will receive a Dragon life review about where we are on our spiritual journeys as souls at this time and be shown where changes in our life would be beneficial to be made.

We will get guidance on the soul work we are individually being prepared for on the Solstice Day at the stones.

And the keys that we already hold as our mastery speciality and what the activation of the 7th dimensional Dragon keys will offer us personally.

Alphedia will lead you through live channelings, deep healing multi dimensional meditations, Crystal Ascension Sphere attunements and sound journey activations with the sacred Tibetan singing bowls and crystal bowls.

We will receive personal guidance about our individual paths with the Dragons in a meditation into our Dragon Key Holder Future.

Alphedia and Auraengus will be assisting you for support and guidance in the live sessions via the chat box for help in your ascension path.

Tuesday 18th June 7.00pm-8.30pm : Sirian Star Beings

Tonight we will be connecting with the Sirian Star Beings to familiarise ourselves with their 7th Dimensional energy.

The Sirians are powerful star beings who are aiding humanity at this time to evolve and grow in our multidimensional form of light and to awaken our healing potential to support ourselves and others on their soul journey.

They will bring through this transmission to prepare your energy field for entering their galactic portal gateway on Arran on Solstice Day.

They will be encoding to us the work required to be performed energetically on that day.

Part of the this activation is to prepare our pineal glands for further awakening.

When we go into the star gate part of our pineal gland that currently lie dormant will be awoken.

This will allow us to not only hold and filter the higher light codes more fully but will open up our clairvoyant sight.

In this evenings session the Sirians will be performing a deep cleansing and clearing our pineal gland of past life and this life traumas and atrocities we may have witnessed.

When we as souls see brutal behaviour towards other humans we shut down part of our pineal glands so that we just witness the physical trauma not all the energetic ramifications.

We have all in some time witnessed brutality and the Sirians are going to wipe our pineal glands clean.

This will enable us to let go of fear programming that is subconsciously holding us back.

Aid us in starting to see holographically and multidimensionally and for this to become a normal process for us.

The session with be channelled live with a Sirian Ascension Sphere attunement, Crystal Skull activation and a Sirian Journey in their spacecraft to Sirius B where a healing chamber has been holographically set us for us to receive the Pineal Gland healing.

Thursday 20th June 2024 – SOLSTICE DAY

4.30am BST – Sunrise on Location : Drumming and Chi Gong

We will gather at the Machrie stones for Sunrise on the Day of the Solstice which in the northern hemisphere where we will be it is the longest day. Sunrise is at 4.37am BST.

We aim to stream from 4.30am to show the sun rise and set our solstice intentions for the next turn of the wheel.

As Arran is a sparsely populated island of only 5000 and we will be on top of a moor there is a possibility the signal can be poor.

We will however transmit live and record video back up of the experience too just in case.

We will perform a sunrise celebration of drumming calling to the land guardians and spirits and the dragons to support us on our Solstice Earth Healing Day.

We will leave offerings to the land spirits and you can go somewhere sacred to you on this day to do the same.

You will receive an offering innovation on your worksheets you can use.

Alphedia will send you a prerecorded half and hour chi gong session to do when you wake on solstice day in your time zone.

The Chi Gong energy will aid you being present in your body and connecting to the chi life force of Earth on this sacred day.

3pm BST : Activations on Location

We will return Live to the stones at 3pm BST for all the activations in the different stone circles.

We will enter each circle to perform the Dragon ceremonies with the Dragon crystal skulls and Sacred offerings.

Alphedia will channel the Dragons live and we will receive the Dragon Keys of the 7th dimensional light.

This will all be channeled live and intuitively.

Your energy field is prepared already in the work we have done holographically in the two previous sessions.

We will channel live the Sirians in the Double Ring and receive their Solstice activations and downloads into our energy bodies.

We will perform any work they ask us too and go on a guided meditation in this powerful portal space.

5pm BST- Machrie Stone Solar Light Transmission – Bonus Offering

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the Year and this year in the Northern Hemisphere Alphedia and Auraengus have been guided to spend it on the magical Scottish Island of Arran.

On the west of the island lies Machrie Moor which holds 6 stone circles, burial cists and the famous Machrie Standing stones with are over 4000 years old.

As part of the Earth healing work that is taking Alphedia and Auraengus to the island of Arran for the Solstice Day we would like to offer you the opportunity to receive a Solar Light Codes transmission in the double stone circle.

This will be a transmission of energy channelled through by Alphedia to activate the Solar Light Codes within you to support the ascension of humanity.

As the 3rd dimensional world still battles in darkness, the more of us holding the new Solar Light Codes in our matrix means we can start to shine light into the collective fear grid.

This also means that you yourself can disconnect further and further from the fear grid too.

Fear is a limiting emotion that holds us back in life and also keeps us tied into the lower matrixes and the world agenda order of governments and big companies who wish to rule our lives not from the heart space.

The Machrie stones are a Sirian Star Being Portal and on this portal solar light is intensified and flooding into our energy matrixes.

Alphedia will connect you into the stone circle calling your names in at the start.

She will let talk to you about the energies of this day and call the guides of this sacred landscape to us.

She will allow you to connect with the energies of this grid of stone circles and then lead us on a transmission to bring the Solar Light Codes into our energy matrixes.

This will not only increase the quotient of light you can carry but also increase your energy levels going forth to help you feel revitalised and energised for your tasks ahead.

9.30pm BST : Solstice Moment

The Solstice moment occurs at 9.50pm BST we will return to the Stones to experience the Solstice moment.

This will included silent meditation time and also any preparation work we still require to do for the full activation of the Dragon Keys of the 7th Dimensional Earth within us.

We will experience a ground and integration healing from Sherling Crystal skull also.

Sunday 23rd June 2024

7 – 8.30pm BST : Integrating the Keys

In this session we will learn how to connect to the Dragon keys in our Daily lives and how to pass then onto others.

Alphedia will channel live the Dragons and we will learn how well we are integrating holding the keys.

There will be a healing integration guided meditation supported by the Tibetan Singing bowls.

You will learn from the Dragons how to pass on or activate the keys in others who you feel are ready to be holding them in a Dragon Keys Attunement process.

We will finish with a question and answer session with Alphedia channelling the Dragons.

Alphedia will close the Solstice Dragon Circle.

Channelled Message from the Dragons

“The Dragon keys are encoded vibrations that seed into the host whether a human or a leyline the new Higher Template frequencies.

Their purpose is to shift humanities consciousness into a higher state of understanding of the power of self love, love for others, collective service and Oneness.

Their aim is to end separation from each other and Source light.

For a long time this consciousness was too advanced for the human brain to process but now humanity is ready so the Earth is ready.

You are the pioneers who are being called but do not underestimate the importance of your spiritual work and offerings by being of service.

Collective empowerment is important at this time and the more of you attuned and ready to work with the the keys, the brighter the Light on Earth can be.

Feel into your heart and see if you are being called.

Let us transmute out of your way any hurdles you see in this process.

Allow yourself to transform your life and know you can have and achieve anything you are guided to experience.

If you have doubts on this ask us to clear the entities you are carrying that are influencing you.

Help us create a positive Earth going forth.


Alphedia and Auraengus have run many international retreats over the last 14 years and are experienced workshop facilitators.

All sessions will be available to watch live via video and after the event, both Audio and Video.

All video/audio will be made available after each section of the retreat and sent out to each participant.

Please allow longer for the audio mp3 files, as processing takes a while.

Please be aware also that it can take up to a few hours for the files to configure after a live recording has ended.

Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu will create an energy portal in which you will be protected over the retreat weekend.

If you are unable to participate in the event in real time but would like to be a part of the retreat experience the distance option allows you to do this.

Alphedia will explain about how you can go back in time to this Portal, that she and Auraengus will be holding energies over the course of the weekend.

BONUSES with this option

You will receive the 2014 Dragon Machrie Stones workshop previously recorded.

If you have technical issues on the Solstice day or you can’t do the live transmission you can listen to this and intend to receive the keys on the day and listen again after.

You will receive a Chi Gong half hour recorded workshop.

You will receive a Solstice Gong bath to connect into the codes of the day through the Universal Gong.

Exchange for this Option is £175 or £210 in UK inc vat

Option 2 Includes all of the above but also a personal channelled message from the Dragons

If you book this option Alphedia will channel the Dragons guidance for 3-4 minute about the 7th dimensional keys and how to use them to help you in your life.

The areas where you soul is seeking healing at this time and what keys to focus on to bring this into being and any other message the Dragon realm wishes to give you.

Exchange for this option is £225 or £250 in UK inc VAT

Option 3 – Machrie Stones Solar light Transmission as above (included in 1 & 2 as bonus offering)

Exchange for this option is £15 World or £18 inc vat in UK

After Event Option

You will also be sent the live logon, if in the event you wish to participate live.

A link to the video and MP3 audio recordings of the workshop will be sent to you as soon as possible after the files have been processed.

Select after event option when buying.

Please note we offer Paypal Credit (subject to Paypal conditions) as well as Credit card payments options as well as the usual payment methods for retreats

Please read the About Workshops page for more details.

Testimonials from Previous Retreats

I did the retreat both live and distantly due to time difference and work so just finished. Absolutely amazing beyond!!!So honoured to be in the presence of such beautiful souls
thank you both and all in the group on all levels.Here’s to life in all its rainbows – Amanda Rainbow Pheonix Virtual Retreat

I just wanted to say a massive Thank You to Alphedia & Auraengus for the most powerful Phoenix retreat I have never experienced a retreat before and my goodness wow!! It was incredible! I have had a complete shift in myself and timelines, deep deep soul clearing, inner healing, activations, upgrades, powerful visualisations & learnt so much!!!
I have also become more confident within myself in receiving messages and clairvoyant abilities Thank you both for facilitating, supporting & holding the space for our spiritual growth

Danielle, Rainbow Pheonix Virtual Retreat

“This is a thank you to Alphedia Arara Kenchington and Auraengus Kenchington for leading us through these retreats and facilitating space for us all to grow, we are all blessed, myself included to have you both on our journey. I have become more confident in myself as a healer and a person since I have worked with you, thank you from us all.” – Christon, One Heart Virtual Retreat

“I loved the retreat. For me the zoom format is perfect. As a few people said, it opens the possibility for long-distance folks such as myself to be more actively involved. Also easier to accommodate in schedules, travel cost, etc. Many thanks again, and looking forward to the next one!” – Michelle, One Heart Virtual Retreat

“It was amazing and so very powerful!! I am so Blessed for having been a part of this!! It was beautiful the way you and Auraengus hold the space, always with joy and big generosity.” – Maria, Ruby Ray Virtual Retreat

“I’ve loved this virtual retreat and the ability to connect with everyone in real time from out here in Cali. I have felt more empowered to stand in my truth, trust my divine path and in my intuitive vision. I loved the 4 am drumming in the solstice and Roslin Glen activations videos—as a distance participant for retreats in the past, it is so nice to SEE these sacred sites and ceremonies. Loved Auriel’s fern blessing too!I feel so blessed by all the love and support of the deities, angels, and elementals and gifted to be a part of this group. Thank you, Alphedia and Auraengus, for all your hard work, wisdom, and talents that have brought this retreat into my home! Happy Solstice!” – Jackie, Ruby Ray Virtual Retreat

Transmission Preparation & information

In order to prepare for such powerful transmissions, please make sure that you are well hydrated, have eaten a light meal beforehand, have your crystals around you, create your sacred space and make sure you are not to be disturbed.

In order to get to the most of the experience if you chose to watch live, please listen through quality headphones, or buds or through a hi fi speaker.

Depending on your strength of broadband and WiFi signal, will depend on the quality of the experience live, best to be connected with laptop or computer with a wired network connection.

However the levels will all be adjusted and set perfectly for you in the MP3 transmission that will be available for download afterwards.

Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu send you many blessings of support at this time and if you require any guidance or further assistance please feel free to contact them at[email protected]. &[email protected]

Technical issues:[email protected]

Auraengus Manu is a Healer, Homeopath, Gong Master, Vibrational and Flower Essence Practitioner, Master Soul and Merlin Vortex Wizard.

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