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Solstice Earth Activation Ceremony

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Solstice Earth Activation Ceremony

20th to the 21st of December 2021

Live on Vimeo Video, Attendance on Location and recordings After the Event

Price is £75 or £90 for the UK inc VAT

You are most welcome to join Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu to celebrate the Solstice Point this year.

The Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere marks this December the completion of a years cycle of the movement into the Aquarian Age.

Mother Gaia has asked Alphedia to bring in this powerful activation ceremony along with the assistance of the New Earth Dragons and Lord Sananda who was an embodiment of the Christ Light Codes, whilst he was on Earth.

In this two day, four part ceremony you will have the opportunity to connect with the Inner Fires of the Earth and to reactivate the codes and frequencies from them into the Holy Axis Ley line grid on Earth.

You will also have the opportunity to not only upgrade, self heal and perform powerful Earth Healing work, but also to receive a massive download of the Higher Template and the New Galactic Lightwaves that are decending onto Earth at this Portal time through your pineal gland.

Many of you have been working hard to break out of the dense Earth Matrixes and now it is an opportunity for you to feel a culmination of your hard work as this Pineal Gland Activation is gifted to you.

This will allow you to not only have an energy template upgrade within your physical self, but also to be downloaded for the way ahead for 2022, for humanities consciousness.

You will all receive these Light Codes in different ways and forms, and by reconnecting to the Inner Fires of the Earth, you will feel more grounded,

more able to take action and bring about changes, in your life going forward.

For these have been activated.

You will have the opportunity on the Solstice Day to activate from your own location, the Portal that you are Guardians of, through bringing this Inner Fire Light back up onto the surface of the Earth.

As you allow this fire to burn within you again, you gain confidence in who you are and your own identity.

Many humans suffer from soul sovereignty identity crisis.

Because they have been so conditioned into the dogma into the grids, at times you loose your own Individual identity form.

This Solstice Celebration will be split into different sections.

Starting on Monday the 20th of December, 7-9pm where Alphedia will be channelling Mother Gaia and the New Earth Dragons to prepare your matrix for the activation point.

You will receive a Pineal Gland opening and a deep healing from Mother Gaia.
You will be led though meditations, ascension sphere attunemnets, sound healing, light language transmissions and live channelling.

On the Solstice Day 21st December you will travel with Alphedia and Auraengus to Cairnpapple in central Scotland, this is on the Holy Axis Ley line which travels from Iona to Lindisfarne, then on to the Holy Lands.

This Holy Axis carries the Inner Christ Light codes and it is a Ley line that requires full activation on the Solstice Day in order to herald in the Love Code Frequencies for the year of 2022.

2022 is a year of deep heart healing, this activation will occur at 11 am GMT at the sacred Bronze Age site.

We hope to be streaming video live from this location, as the area is exposed, if the signal is too poor an audio version will be recorded and sent out immediately upon return to Glenholm.

Solstice Point occurs at 3.58 PM so our next session will run from 3.30 pm GMT till 5pm GMT.

This will be when your pineal glands will be activated and you will receive the downloads through the assistance of Lord Sananda also.

Alphedia will channel this session live on the day, depending what is required from Mother Earth and the Galactic New Earth Dragons.

We will also work with the Crystal Skulls and the Dragon Skulls on this Solstice day.

You will receive new template downloads and the upgrading of your matrix at this point.

In the evening 9-10 pm GMT you will receive a Solstice Integration into the new template healing from Anka the Scottish Serpentine crystal dragon skull.

As this is a live channelled event the schedule may change depending on further information that may come though as to the format of the activation healing on the day.

Know this will be a powerful activation and upgrade for you all, in preparation for you all the coming year ahead.

You will be playing a key role in supporting Mother Earth in her fire activation releases and supporting the next stage of the Aquarian Age integration.

Channeled message from Mother Gaia

“Greetings, greetings, greetings it is with great honour and joy that we come come forward.

I say we as I bring in the New Earth Dragon Consciousness also.

The dragons are holding the codes for the New Earth Template creation.

And they are holding the wisdom and the energy to support the transformation at this time.

Myself and Geb, my male counterpart, for we must work as one now, and are excited to be releasing the Holy Fires within the Earth.

Many of you are Essenes returned to the planet, you have come for this glorious reawakening and to celebrate the culmination of the seeds you all planted during that time 2000 years ago.

This is a culmination of many thousand years of work for your soul and those who feel called will feel a great relief at this inner transformation and the end of an epoch really, with the activation of the holy axis leyline once again.

You are all carrying your own unique and individual codes and frequencies and a Portal will be created at Cairnpapple for you all to place your symbols in.

You will be sent a photograph for you to connect in also, but we hope to transmit live.

This is the start of the great awakening, this is the start of the remembrance of those who have been here on Earth before, seeding and planting the way ahead.

With the pineal gland activation and the information download at the Solstice Point you will start to feel yourselves stepping into your soul mastery.

You will start to see though the cycles you have been through with the ego and it no longer serves.

I am calling forward the way showers, the activators, the priests, the priestesses, the carriers of the New Dawn, who have been on the journey and are now ready to reap the rewards.

We are bringing forward many Divine Blessings and offerings to support you on your soul transition going forward.

We will bring forward knowledge and wisdom for the year ahead for you in meditation and you will be assigned roles and tasks which will bring your heart great joy.

As always it is an honour to call you forward through these special portal experiences.


Alphedia Arara would like to invite anyone who is physically able to attend the ceremony at Cairnpapple to get in touch with regards to directions and information on the gathering.

Please bring along warm and waterproof clothing and suitable footwear.

This is a very exposed and windy location.

You are invited to bring along any crystal or dragon skulls or tools you feel wish to join the activation work.

As always this will be transmitted live on video and hopefully this will be possible in the field also, but you can take part via the distance option and have your names called into the sacred site.

If you wish a photograph of yourself to be taken to the Cairnpapple location and be placed on the Holy Leyline Axis please upload a photo with your order

We look forward to celebrating this Solstice experience with you.

Solstice Earth Activation Ceremony

20th to the 21st of December 2021

Live on Vimeo Video, Attendance on Location and recordings After the Event

Price is £75 or £90 for the UK inc VAT

Time Table

Monday the 20th of December, 7.00 - 9.00pm GMT Session Glenholm

Solstice Day 21st December 11.00am GMT On Location Cairnpapple

Solstice Day 21st December 3.30 pm GMT till 5pm GMT Session Glenholm

Solstice Day 21st December 9-10 pm GMT Anka Integration

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