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Solstice Journey of the Inner Mystic Retreat

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Workshop date: 20th - 22nd December 2023
Duration approximately: 6 hours approximately
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Includes an honouring Earth Solstice Ceremony at Stone Circle

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Workshop took place 20th, 21st, 22nd December 2023.

You are most welcome to join Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu to celebrate the Solstice Point in December 2023 in the magical land of ancient mysteries Dalriada the West Coast of Scotland. .

For us in Scotland, we held the Earth Mysteries activation ceremony on the shortest day of the year.

The Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere occured on Friday 22nd December at 3.27am in Scotland.

In this retreat Alphedia channeled the Divine Feminine Mystic Goddess Mary Magdalene and Ascended Master and powerful healer Hilarion to support us on our Inner Mystic Journey.

The Journey of the Mystic is one of exploration and understanding of the ancient mysteries of Earth and Universe.

It is a calling in your soul that once awoken cannot be unheard.

Those here on Earth to lead the path of the Mystic in this incarnation are living a soul led life listening to this ancient inner call of the heart.

It takes courage to follow the journey of the Mystic, requiring one to be prepared for initiations, awakenings of understanding, beautiful transformation and the meeting of soul brothers and sisters from long ago returned again on this path of Light.

Following the inner weavings of the world and traveling deep into the subconscious to regain the ancient teachings and to receive the new teachings for the creation from the Higher Template of the Earth.

Awakening the soul with remembrance that will guide humanity to the next level of conciousness and supporting others along the journey to the inner light too as the teachers, healers, seers, magicians, esoteric knowledge keepers.

The Journey of the Mystic is the path of heightening and following your intuition.

Receiving downloads of universal truths and dedicating yourself to the higher path of service and light.

Those that follow the path of the mystic take courageous choices and often don't follow the herd of human consciousness and create their life trusting in the Divine calling they have come for.

This is an initiatory path where your soul will lead you through experiences to enhance your spiritual growth and understanding.

Supporting soul evolution and the evolution of the Planet and all who live on her.

Mary Magdalene is often called the Mystic of the Rose Lineage teachings and Master Hilarion was the Saint who found spiritual understanding living in the desert of Egypt.

Both these mighty masters have many times followed the path of the mystic and overcome challenges in their quests to be authentic to the inner heart path.

This Solstice time is about honouring the wisdom within you.

Reclaiming it to guide your life going forth and receiving new pathways that will lead you to a deeper soul calling within.

If you have been feeling blocked or not sure of your next path.

Or if you have been feeling the guidance of your heart; feeling a calling or even a longing to explore the ancient knowledge within you.

To remember your inner being, gifts and talents then this Solstice Portal is the Awakening Gateway for you to journey within.

To reclaim your soul expression in its purest form unburdened by traumas and injuries from the past.

The Journey of the Inner Mystic Solstice Gateway offers us an opportunity to go deep within to reconnect with ourselves.

To regain confidence, knowledge, wisdom and feel and be who we truly are in our purest form.

It is the Gateway our souls have been waiting for millennia as the old template dissolves.

This Solstice Celebration is split into different sections:

Wednesday 20th of December 2023, 7.00 - 9.00pm GMT

Alphedia opened up our Solstice Circle by calling in the energies of Mary Magdalene and Master Hilarion and connecting the energies of all taking part into the Circle.

Alphedia then explained why your soul has been called to connect with us all in your Inner Mystic Journey.

You are lead on an invocation to call the guides to connect with you and to set your intention for your three day Mystic Journey.

We go on a guided channelled meditation to prepare our energy fields and to let go of anything you are carrying that you wish to release.

This is a cleansing preparation meditation with sound healing from the sacred instruments of Tibetan singing bowls, Crystal bowls, chimes, hang drum and percussion.

Throughout the retreat you receive guided meditations and support in your life inner Mystic Journey and the Soul Mission ahead.

We allow Mary Magdalene and Master Hilarion to come forth and offer their channelled wisdom on this Solstice Gateway Portal and the Inner Mystic journey path.

You will then be attuned to Mary Magdalene through the Ascension Sphere crystals and to Master Hilarion.

This a silent meditation journey for around 10 minutes where you energetically journey with them and receive healing and wisdom and attune your frequency with their higher light codes.

We then start the process of connecting to the Inner Mystic within you.

This is a connection visualisation attunement that Alphedia will lead you through.

We go a powerful channelled guided meditation transmission with Mary to access your feminine mystical knowledge and any healing your require for your soul to truly embrace this Gateway healing opportunity.

She works to remove any blocks to you living a mystical life going forth, assists you in healing and accepting who you are and your Divine gifts and talents.

Focussing on the feminine nurturing energies and being soft, gentle and loving with yourself.

We finish with a healing from Magdalena Rose Quartz Crystal Skull.

Eve of Solstice Thursday 21st December 2023

7.00 - 9.00pm GMT

In this session we start with our invocation.

We then are lead on a prayer ceremony with Master Hilarion.

Prayer is an ancient practice of calling for Divine guidance and inspiration.

This is non denominational but is a technique use by the majority of mainstream religions.

Hilarion famously survived in the desert praying for the salvation of humanity.

We are here as lightworkers/healers to support leading humanity to the light and exploring the subtle mysteries of the Earth.

Alphedia will channel Hilarion to lead us through this powerful practice of prayer for us individually and for the collective of Earth.

After this we will go on the powerful transmission with Master Hilarion to explore our inner masculine mystical knowledge.

We will then receive a Void Crystal skull healing with Siron the Black obsidian crystal skull where we journey to reclaim ancient knowledge and receive divine inspiration and awaken knowledge of who we are.

After this we will go on another meditation focusing on remembering your inner gifts, with Mary and Hilarion which will help you with your spiritual life going forward in this incarnation.

Solstice Day Friday 22nd December 2023

We start with morning drumming to welcome in the Solstice at sun rise which was at 8.30am GMT by our spring well with the oak rainforest clad hill as a magical back drop.

We set our intentions on the shortest or longest day of the year for the next turn of the wheel.

This was a short session you can watch and honour at sunrise in your own time scale.

Temple Woods Stone Circle 12 noon GMT

We travel to magical Temple Wood Stone Circles in the oldest megalithic landscape on the main land of the UK.

This mysterious and ancient landscape of stone megaliths still holds secrets of purpose and ancient ceremonies.

This Earth healing Solstice ceremony will honour the ancients - we drum and call them forth to share with us their wisdom that our soul can hear.

To remember ancient spiritual ceremonies we too as souls have taken and to reclaim the knowledge of them.

We do a gratitude offering ceremony and pray for the enlightenment of mankind.

We connect in with the Solstice Gateway and step through it purified and cleansed ready to live our path of the Mystic once again on Earth.

Listening to the heart path and following our intuitive selves guidance without out what has hampered us before the fears, the doubts, the worries.

We work with the crystal skulls to connect with the Earth template.

(If you don’t have a skull you can use a crystal or a stone from your garden)

We honour the Scottish Sun God Lugh and give thanks for the Sun’s healing rays.

7.00 – 8.00pm GMT

This session includes a Mary Magdalene and Master Hilarion Channelled Guided meditation to help you start your new Journey of the Inner Mystic to get illumination on your path ahead.

We finish with a Solstice Gong Bath from Auraengus Manu before Alphedia closes the beautiful retreat circle experience.

Channeled message from Mary Magdalene

“It is an honour and a joy to come forth and to lead you through this gateway.

As many of you will be aware the path to the inner mystic has been my path each incarnation I have come to Earth.

Fascinated that I am by the energies and the ancient wisdom that Mother Gaia holds for us all to access.

Now at this exciting time we journey through the Higher Gateways into the unknown.

What you each carry as wisdom is a unique offering for us all.

As you discover this you rediscover part of you and you find who you are and what offering you have for all.

This is an exciting, illuminating, magical process that leads to soul fulfilment, contentment and joy within.

You are here to create and manifest from your heart and let your wisdom shine forth.

It is an honour to enable this process for you this Solstice.


We look forward to celebrating this Solstice experience with you.

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