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Soul Out Breath Mother Earth & Kwan Yin Full Moon Workshop

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Alphedia Arara channels the Goddesses Mother Mary and Kwan Yin. These beautiful beings embody the energies of Divine Love and Compassion and wish to help with healing at this time.

The full moon in Libra occured at 13.36 GMT on the 31st March 2018. This is the second Blue Moon of 2018 and as such, the energy is all about balancing, re-centering after this years Eclipses and the upgrade of the Unity Consciousness codes at the Equinox.

In this workshop, Alphedia Arara channels live Mother Mary, who was also a High Priestess and advanced initiate in Atlantis, and the Goddess of Compassion, Kwan Yin.

These Deities wish to offer us the opportunity to experience what is known as a Soul Out Breath. Mother Earth is a living, breathing entity. And just as we breathe in and out, so does she.

Mother Earth has seen how the rapid shifts of 2018 have been affecting the human consciousness. She has decreed that the energies of this moon will allow her to take a deep out breath.

This Soul Out Breath will last for 28 days, and in this period, it will allow lightworkers to experience a reprieve, if they choose to experience it. This reprieve will allow you to rebalance, de-stress, re-centre, and come back into the one heart within.

From this place you are able to more fully connect to your intuition. You are able to hear messages from your guides, Mother Earth and Divine Source with greater clarity.

But in order to do this you require to feel filled up with Divine Love and filled up with worthiness.

  • In the self realisation exercise, Ascended Master Mother Mary will assist you in looking at where you have been holding tension in your life.
  • Goddess Kwan Yin will assist you in showing you how to think differently to de-stress and you’ll also look at how to manifest your life for your highest purpose, your soul growth and the greatest good of all. For manifestations created in an Soul Out Breath of Mother Earth are very potent indeed.
  • You are then taken on a powerful channeled guided meditation supported with sound code frequencies, toning and drum.
  • You will also receive a crystal attunement from Mother Mary with a pink amethyst geode to help you harness divine love deeper within you. Pink Amethyst has recently been discovered in Patagonia and this new crystal has an exquisite energy.

Channeled message from Mother Mary and Kwan Yin

Greetings, greetings, greetings,

We come together as one consciousness. This Full Moon’s energy will allow you all an opportunity for deep healing as Mother Gaia sends out her Soul Out Breath.

This soul out breath, although is only for a short period, it will allow the intensity of the energies you have been experiencing to be abated.In essence, you will feel as if a a balm has been applied to your soul.

Any aches, any pains, any fears, anxiety, struggles, stuck-ness can all be surrendered during this out breath. We will support you in the meditation in showing you power, compassion, and soul love. We will take you to the Sacred Heart Ashram in the inner plains.

Now, this Ashram is a place where you have the opportunity to reconnect to the Heart of Souls. As you have moved through the separation codes with the upgrade of the Unity Consciousness Grid, you will find that it is now time to focus on inner soul healing, and the most powerful way to heal yourself, your life, your interactions with others is to love yourself, and to become love.

As you become Love, you are able to access greater clarity, who you are, your mission on Earth, and where you have been out of balance.We will take you first to the Healing Chamber, we will show you where in your life and in your body you are requiring to focus healing energy.

We will then take you into the Sacred Heart Chamber. Now this will be a powerful experience as many of you suffer low self worth. Just experiencing the energy of this chamber will bring an emotional release, will remind you of the Power of Love that is in you, will remind you to embody that every day.

We will then take you to Crystal of Truth. This Crystal of Truth was only accessed by those who have done advanced initiations at the time of Golden Atlantis. As you move closer and closer into fifth dimensional consciousness and above you can access the frequencies of this Crystal of Truth.

This will allow you to have deep realisations about your soul purpose, about who you are and where you are going. I Kwan Yin, will hold you in a ball of compassion. For some of you, changes will be required, but this we will do through love and joy and bliss and peace.

It is only the vibration of separation that causes resistance, and at this Full Moon you have the opportunity, and in this chamber, to rebalance, re-centre, and start to dream into manifestation your life in order to fulfill your highest purpose.

We really look to assisting you in this moon cycle, to surround you in Divine Love, and to be a loving guiding support team for you at any stage on your journey.

It is with privilege always,Namaste.”
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