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Spring Equinox Elf Workshop

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The Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere heralds the balancing of the light and dark hours and the Elves come forward and invite us to go on location and visit them in their woods.

The equinox took place at 10.28 am GMT on 20th March 2017 as the sun entered the fire sign of Aires.

The Elves are a secretive race who are now trying to establish communications with humans again after removing themselves into a higher vibratory realm.

Similar to the Sidhe Faeries, the Elves hold ancient Elvin magic and Earth healing knowledge.
They are particular experts in how to harness the power of the breath. Every day we breathe but many humans do not appreciate the importance of breathing and the power we can access when we take part in conscious breathing. This is a powerful healing tool that they are experts in.

In this workshop you will be connected to the energy of the Elves as a race and find out who they are and what messages they have for you on your healing journey on this planet.

  • Alphedia Arara channels information from their race about wisdom they are ready to share with humanity now and attune you to their frequency in the Ascension Spheres.
  • We then travel (by car) to the entrance to the Elf woods at Quothquan, 3 miles from the Fairy yurt in Biggar, Scotland. Here you will be invited into their sacred grove and to meet their Royal Court including their King and Queen. This is a great honour to be invited
  • They teach us breathing exercises to harness the returning of the Green Ray energies on Earth and to promote the revitalisation and rejuvenation of your physical body.
  • You also go on a sacred ceremony journey with the Elvin race as they take you into their portal to give you information and healing, to remind you of your connection with Elves in previous lives and to find out what your role in working with the Elvin kingdom is again.

The Elves worked closely with the Ancient Druids, the Celtic Wisdom keepers of Mother Earth. You will be reconnected to your ancient Druid past, wisdom and knowledge also. As the Druid consciousness will reactivate for you during this workshop.

This is an opportunity to reconnect to Elves healing light. The Elves are asking for our assistance now and are ready to impart their wisdom.

Channeled message from the Elves of Quothquan

"Greetings, it is with great honour, privilege and joy that we come forth, we come out of our secrecy for we know it is time now to reestablish a connection with humanity.

We realise now as Mother Earth asks us to once again share our wisdom and knowledge with those in human form. Some of you are incarnate Elves sent to Earth to help us with our mission which was to return sacred codes of the tree kingdom.

So for those of you who feel the connection of the trees we are aiding you in developing further your tree communication connection. We will work on removing blocks that occurred for humanity when the Druids retreated their consciousness to a different realm and dimension as we did also.

But now it is time for this full return of the Elvin consciousness, of the Druid consciousness.

And many of you feel the call of the Druids especially in your hearts. Know, it is with some trepidation but also with exhilaration that we Elves are ready to embrace humanity fully once again. For we realise now if we are to survive as a race we require the elevation in human consciousness, to allow this to be so.

It is with great honour and privilege we connect, blessed be.”
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