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Stellar Gateway Opening Full Moon Workshop

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This Full Moon heralds in the Stellar Gateway opening, the 12th chakra, for those who are on the path to 5th Dimensional Ascension. This gives us the opportunity to become closer to our guides, closer to Divine Source and closer to full Heart awakening.

Alphedia Arara would like to welcome you to this Full Moon workshop in Libra, facilitated by the Egyptian Goddess Isis and God Osiris.

This Full Moon occurred at 3:55am BST on the 8th April 2020. Alphedia channels Osiris and Isis who are bringing their energies of the balance of the Masculine and the Feminine to support us as we go through a massive spiritual upgrade at this Super Full Moon, often known around the world as the Pink Moon.

This Super Full Moon’s energies amplify the healing opportunity for us all at this intense time on Earth.

These two Master Souls of the Resurrection process bring forth their wisdom, their healing and their Divine alchemical abilities to facilitate you in this opportunity for a massive upgrade in your intuitive psychic abilities.

We are offered the opportunity with this Full Moon in Libra to bring in the Balance codes. Many of us have been experiencing imbalance because of the changes to the way that we live in the 3rd Dimensional form on Earth at this time.

For some this has brought up insecurity, for some this has brought up health issues, for some this has brought up financial issues and for others it has brought up the opportunity to reconnect with Mother nature and to reconnect with their Divine gifts, wisdom and knowledge.

To remember that we are souls here as part of the Ascension process and to evolve and grow, to clear off past life miasms, karma, ancestral patterning that has caused soul imbalance for us for many incarnations.

This Full Moon’s energy is about getting us back on track, reconnected as spiritual beings through the massive Stellar Gateway opening, the Golden Gateway to higher consciousness.

This gives us the opportunity to become closer to our guides, closer to Divine Source and closer to full heart awakening.

Many of you have stayed on Earth to experience this Stellar Gateway opening experience to receive a higher influx of the Golden Christed Light Consciousness codes, the codes of pure Divine Love. But this brings with it responsibility, but also opportunity, for as we allow our hearts to open more fully we have the opportunity to purge, shed and release.

  • In this workshop Alphedia Arara channels the Deities
  • She connects in with the Full Moon healing frequencies in meditation.
  • You partake in a self realisation exercise to look at where you are energetically out of balance and what thought forms, emotions, beliefs are coming up that are blocking your intuitive wisdom, your inner psychic abilities.
  • You then go on an Ascension sphere attunement upgrade with Isis and Osiris, which is a silent meditation in the powerful crystalline grid.
  • You then receive the channeled guided meditation to prepare you for the Stellar Gateway opening.
  • After this you experience a cobra ritual, which helps you fully slide out of your old skin and embrace your new higher consciousness with Alphedia’s labradorite crystal cobra.

This whole experience is supported through sound healing with Alphedia playing the crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, percussion, voice work and drum.

Channeled Message from Goddess Isis and God Osiris

Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am Goddess Isis. It is with great honour and joy that I come forth with Osiris to bless you at this powerful Full Moon time.

This is a great portal opening on Earth that will allow for much Soul Ascension.

As we work with the Libra energies, as you balance the ying the yang, the feminine the masculine aspects within yourself you also balance your spirituality.

Now as you open up this upgraded Stellar Gateway portal, what this does is gives you access to information that was unavailable to you before as a soul on Earth, gives you access through the veils, gives you the opportunity to understand, to process and to heal on a far greater and deeper level.

In the ancient temples of Egypt, in the ancient temples of Atlantis, it took initiates many years of dedicated service to be able to access the level of consciousness you can access on Earth again now if you choose.

Know that myself and Osiris are very honoured indeed to have this opportunity to connect with you all.

To lead you all and support you all through this next exciting stage of soul ascension and know that when you enter our ashram on the inner planes, the Resurrection Ashram, you will embark upon a journey of soul liberation not experienced before.

This is the coming of the second wave of consciousness. This is the truth codes releasing now. Namaste”
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