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Stonehenge Activation

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A channeled meditation to receive codes of wisdom from the stones and the energy portal.

Alphedia was asked to visit Stonehenge to assist with earth healing work.

Getting access to the inside of the stones is now very controlled by English Heritage, with booking having to take place months in advance.

Alphedia took Sherling (Merlinite crystal skull) and her obsidian dragon skull Rafundus into the stones.

Channeling from the Landscape Angel at Stonehenge:

“I have seen many changes on this landscape. I saw the first humans recognise the energy at this spot. The converging of the ley lines means that any positive intentions created on this site radiate through the lines.

Stonehenge was created to harness these energies. Rocks are stabilisers and also record keepers. The stones here hold vast knowledge like a library that can be unlocked by those who hold the wisdom and foresight.

Any human visiting this site receives a massive surge of earth energy which is why so many are drawn to it now. I have called you to this site to power up the dragon energy and unlock a code to release the dragon guardians.

Others will be called to join you in the ethers.

In return I will give you a meditation to channel to receive codes of wisdom from the stones and the energy portal. You will use the dragon skull to unblock subtle frequencies in the energy lines to allow a greater flow of light to surge through the land.”

Stonehenge was constructed around 3000Bc in three stages archeologists believe. The stones are from the Preseli Hills in Wales.

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