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Strengthening Your Auric Field with Archangel Michael Meditation

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Archangel Michael offers to assist you with strengthening your auric field. He aids you in being more in your own true soul sovereign power.

  • Have your auric field deep cleansed
  • Disconnecting you from disempowering energies
  • Patching any auric leakages
  • Strengthening your auric field
  • Be more in your own true soul sovereign power
  • Become more fully into oneness with your soul’s mission and life path

Archangel Michael is the angel of protection, strength and courage. He is supporting light workers into becoming more fully into oneness with their soul’s mission and life path.

  • Alphedia Arara channels Archangel Michael live and also channels sound healing through the Tibetan singing bowls, drum and percussion, as well as voice activations and tonings.

This meditation supports you in preparation for a new portal of light which opened on the 12th of September 2016. This will massively accelerate your consciousness if you are prepared and ready.

Channeled Message from Archangel Michael

Greetings beloved souls of the light, I am delighted to step forward this month to take you on a journey.

A personal journey of strengthening your auric fields.Your auric fields are affected greatly by pollution, electro magnetic frequencies, chemicals, off world attacks, and energies of others around you who may not be as of high vibration as yourself.

I will first start by doing a deep cleansing of your auric field. Working with my team of angels we will take you into my temple. We will work on disconnecting you from any spirit attachments, any soul parts, any soul fragments of others, any hooks and cords that are disempowering you and affecting your soul sovereignty.

I will then facilitate a cleansing of your auric field using the blue topaz ray of light.I will work on patching any auric leakages: which may be manifesting as tiredness, ill health, lack of mental and cognitive processing, stress, fear of others, and claustrophobia.

I will explain to you what is occurring for you individually and the colours that you require to strengthen your auric field. As well as working with crystal essences and the Crystal Kingdom to help expand your auric field and strengthen its protection.

When your auric field is strongly protected you are happier, you are more grounded, less fatigued and are less affected by the emotional bodies of others.You are able to keep your own council and see clearly the way forward.

I will work in placing geometric shapes into your chakras that will strengthen your confidence and give you clarity on the way ahead. We will work at opening up the pineal gland more fully to allow you to have clearer vision and a more balanced endocrine system and hormonal system.

We will also aid you in feeling confidence in who you are and in all situations.This will be a powerful activation, an upgrade of your auric field to be able to be less affected by world global events and also any off world alien programming.

Many of you, as you are ascending, are remembering; remembering your protection, remembering the power of your auric field. By strengthening your auric field you become more psychic, more able to communicate with the angelic realm and other benevolent beings in the realms around you.

Your 6th sense opens more fully and therefore it is easier for you to receive direct communications and guidance about your path ahead.

It is an honour and it is a privilege for me to be given this opportunity to support you at this time. Adoni, namaste.”
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