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Strengthening Your Throat Chakra Workshop

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“Through this workshop we will be upgrading the vibratory rate of your throat chakras fully to the 5th dimensional consciousness”

In this workshop Alphedia Arara channels the powerful energies of Archangel Michael and his partner Lady Faith who are the Angels of the Blue Ray, and Master Melchizedek who is an Ascended Master who supports the free expression of all souls on Earth. He is here to empower you and to also show you how your life can transform instantly through healing your throat chakra at this time.

The Throat Chakra is located in the neck region of your body, associated with communication, self expression, emotional expression, speech, active listening, dreaming, out of body experiences, and the power of harmony with others. If you struggle having harmonious relationships in your life it is the throat chakra to focus on to help bring peace to you and your relationships.

Throat chakra blockages can manifest physically through sore stiff necks, thyroid problems, tinnitus problems, sore throats, asthma, and emotionally an inability to express how you feel. It can also show up as blocked creativity or perfectionism and fear of making a mistake.

The voice is the key guide to knowing where people are at with their throat chakras. Do you speak quietly are you afraid of being heard? Do you loose your voice or struggle to get words out articulately? These can also be signs that your throat chakra can benefit from some healing.

The throat chakra is also the chakra of self discipline, so if you struggle to be self motivated or to reign yourself in with regards to your ego drivers, balancing and healing the throat chakra will assist you with this.

Alphedia Arara uses voice work as well as singing bowls to provide you with sound healing through your experience as well as channeling the workshop live.

Attuning you with the Ascension Spheres and introducing you to the crystals to wear or meditate with to strengthen your throat chakra.

As always no experience is required to receive this healing work and all are welcome to take part if the words of Archangel Michael resonate with you at this time on your journey.

Channeling with Archangel Michael

“Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am Archangel Michael.

I come forth with this message to assist you all at this time in understanding the importance of your Throat Chakra development in this Ascension Cycle.

The Throat Chakra is your chakra of purification, that allows you to clearly communicate and express your souls light.

It allows you to actively hear through your telepathy and clairaudience messages from the subtle realms.

Many of you are ready now to surrender traumas that are locked within the throat chakra from lifetimes where you have spoken your truth and its been unwelcome.

As lightworkers you are here as communicators on behalf of Divine Source and now humanity has evolved through its chakra stages to be ready now to live more fully within the throat chakra consciousness.

Some souls have incarnated having done many lifetimes of work to be a channel, to be a telepath, to hear subtle nuances of the physical realm and also communications from the Angels, Star Beings, Ascended Masters.

Through this healing workshop myself and Lady Faith will be supporting you in strengthening the throat chakra in receiving symbols and codes that will be unique to your throat chakra development and to facilitate clearer communication for you of the Divine Will in your Earth walk reality.

Master Melchizedek High Priest and Magician will also be supporting you in aiding you in surrendering, past traumas, the ego will and disbelief in your capabilities to be able to hear and know more fully communications with the non physical realm.

The Throat Chakra is also an expressive chakra, an expression of your own unique creative force.It is the chakra of manifestation, twinned with the sacral. But it is also the chakra of astral travel and dreaming. We will bring forth meditations to assist you with lucid dreaming and also teach you protection while you astrally travel.

Many of your suffer physically because of imbalances within the throat chakra. A lot of it is fear of being different, fear of speaking out against the conventional reality and fear of ultimately of utilising the creative expressive power of the Divine within.Know that many of you are members of the Melchizedek order who have been returned to Earth at this time to support humanities evolution and to do this you require to become more at one with your telepathic abilities.

Your abilities to hear, your intuition, physchic guidance from your guides means that you are able to move into greater ease in the creation of a life of fifth dimensional consciousness, through Love, Joy, Happiness, Peace and Abundance.

For your abundance abilities come from the Fire within the Sacral but it is your ability to express the abundance vibration through the throat chakra that many of you we see are struggling.

We will bring forth Meditations, attune you to the Divine Frequency of the throat chakra and bring in deep healing into this region.

We will work with the Crystal Kingdom and also remove any density and negativity, putting in structures that support you in holding your head high and being empowered in your souls evolution.

What we offer you, for those who are ready, is a spiritual growth acceleration 200%.

For 2019 is the year where the throat consciousness comes fully into play for humanity and will then ultimately be a guide thereforth.It is an honour and privilege to connect with you this way.Adonai.”

Channeling from Master Melchizedek

“Greetings, greetings, greetings, In this workshop I wish to reconnect with you all as part of the Order of Melchizedek.

I wish to bring forth two transmissions to support you in clearing grief and your expressive communication blockages and also an activation to enhance your telepathic abilities and clairaudience.

Many of you have shut down your hearing abilities and through this transmission I wish to support you in the removal of conditioned belief patterns about hearing non physical beings.

Society has conditioned you through Annunaki programming to disempower you and veil you from the many other vast realms of light.

Through this workshop we will be upgrading the vibratory rate of your throat chakras fully to the 5th dimensional consciousness and for some of you beyond up to the eighth depending on the level of development already in place for you.

We will highlight for you through a self realisation exercise what are the vibrations you are carrying within your ego still, that are hampering the full function of your Throat Chakra still.

I wish you to know the importance of doing this work at this time for the veils thin as you are aware around Samhain, 31 October each year and this portal is awake for three weeks after Samhain.

Allowing you the opportunity of gaining confidence in using your psychic communication abilities and remembering this is your Divine birthright, to be empowered. Adonai. “


"Thank you for an amazing workshop, I got so much out of it, thanks so much" Sheridan, Australia

"Thank you to Lady Faith, Archangel Michael, Master Melchizedek for this very helpful workshop and for all the assistance we of humanity are receiving" Brenda, London

"Wow they pack a load of stuff into an afternoon! Really enjoyed the workshop and will repeat it many times" Kay, Glasgow

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