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Strengthening your Light Body with the Pleiadian High Priestesses : Full Moon Workshop

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Join the Pleiadian High Priestesses in this powerful Full Moon workshop as they bring forward a healing experience to aid in strengthening our Ka light bodies.

“You can achieve the soul liberation in consciousness that you all seek.” – Pleiadian High Priestesses

Alphedia Arara has been contacted by the Pleiadian High Priestesses who are of eighth dimensional frequency and are offering to guide us through a powerful healing experience to aid us in strengthening our light bodies. The Pleiadians have been assisting humanity in the Ascension Process and now wish to aid us in strengthening our Ka light body. The Ka may be described as the light body circuitry that exists identically in the third through to the sixth dimensions. It is what allows you to anchor your light into form. It is the vehicle for the higher self to descend into matter and it allows you to access the upper, higher dimensions.

This Full Moon in Pisces occurred at 6.22 am BST and the Pleiadians wish to work with us on clearing our central column of light in order that we are able to anchor higher frequencies into our body allowing us to vibrate at a higher rate. Working with the eighth dimensional Pleiadians will allow the Ka energy to be brought down from higher dimensions and to fill channels within you where blocked energy has built up and to release in the form of an activation to move you up into higher frequency light embodiment. By doing this work the Pleiadians will be assisting you in strengthening your auric shields of protection. This will allow for greater psychic protection from off world interference but also others who may choose to sit in your energy field or send you spears of anger or direct negativity in your direction.

This Pleiadian Ka body light work technique of healing that they will perform upon you will allow you to deflect any nephritic attack and allow you to align into the highest truth of who you are. They will work on opening the meridian pathways throughout your body and your brain circuitry to allow you to absorb psychic information with greater ease. This will support a further detachment of the ego pain body allowing you to dissociate from mind constructs as well as limited conditioning pattern you may have taken on.

When they start to do this healing work your physical body will not only fill up and be activated within your physical meridian system but your vitality energy levels will be increased dramatically. As you are opening up the channels to be able to anchor with greater ease the Ascension Codes that are flooding onto the planet, this is preparing you for the great shift at the Equinox period. What will occur at the September Equinox is that many Earth portals will be re-awoken. This will also allow for a deluge of Solar Light Codes to be released from the Great Central Sun and to allow for vast leaps in consciousness for those that are ready and are open to receive and to remember.

Alphedia Arara will channel live the Pleiadian Priestesses.

  • You will be taken on a guided meditation to connect in with the Full Moon in Pisces energies and to set any intentions you have for your Full Moon soul healing.
  • You will then receive a Pleiadian High Priestess Ascension Sphere attunement, this will help refine your energy field to be able to hold the the eighth dimensional frequency light on the guided journey to Pleiades.
  • You will also have the opportunity to identify weaknesses within your Ka light body, identifying any ego drivers that cause a weakening of your psychic protection.
  • You will then be taken on a live channelled guided meditation transmission in the Pleiadian spaceship to the Pleiadian High Priestess Temple.
  • Here they will perform not only Pleiadian healing but also light work to strengthen your aura and then to take you into the Inter Dimensional Light Chamber.
  • Here you will have the Ka body activation, this will prepare you before you enter into the Chamber of Unification.
  • Alphedia channels the sacred instruments and Pleiadian light language throughout this transmission.
  • You will be grounded, anchored and re-established into your body through a Pleiadian star being crystal skull attunement at the end.

This will be a vast upgrade for your energy field, there will be detailed Pleiadian light technology performed upon you and will create a vast vacuum consciousness shift within your vibrational field. No previous experience of working with the Pleiadians is required. If this course calls to you, the Pleiadian Priestesses say that you are ready for this massive energy upgrade that the Full Moon Portal heralds in.

Pleiades Seven Sisters Maia, Electra, Taygete, Alcyone, Celaeno, Sterope, Merope

Pleiades Seven Sisters Maia, Electra, Taygete, Alcyone, Celaeno, Sterope, Merope

Channelled Message from the Pleiadian High Priestesses:

“Greetings, greetings, we are the Pleiadian Priestesses. We have been observing, watching, waiting, until the time was right to bring forward our offering to support those souls that are fast tracking on their ascension journey. More than ever on Earth it is required that there are those souls that are holding the higher matrix consciousness, who are ready to be set free from the old world order anunnaki agenda. And who are ready to open up the dormant brain circuitry, to be able to integrate, anchor and process the higher light code frequencies to assist humanity in moving forward, to climb out of the mire that it has trapped itself within, and to ultimately be liberated through strengthening your Ka light body. You can achieve the soul liberation in consciousness that you all seek.

Know that this process of healing will have a ripple effect throughout the consciousness of all. It will not only increase your energy frequencies, purge you of vibrations that are not serving your highest and best, but lead you directly onto new trajectory paths with greater understanding, wisdom and knowledge. Be under no illusion that if you are being called, we have a contract to work with you. When your soul was of high enough frequency, you knew that we would come calling, to support you and to re-establish your Pleiadian heritage and the gifts the Pleiadians have within this multi universe. We are ready to support you through this stage of preparation for the great equinox event and we are now guiding you all into this place of purity going forth. We are ready and so are you and we call to you now in our illuminated truth to connect with your illuminated truth,Namaste.”

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