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Sun Disc Activation Imbolc Roslin Glen, Scotland

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An opportunity for you to be of service on your soul’s journey and receive an Ascension upgrade as well as healing and assisting the Tree Kingdom.

This very special Imbolc workshop, Sun Disc Activation, took place at Roslin Glen near Edinburgh.

This is one of the most sacred spots in the world, connecting with the Magdalene Line, the Divine Feminine energies of the Goddess also.

As time is an illusion this work can be done in any time and place as your soul calls you.

Alphedia Arara leads the ceremony at Roslin Glen with live channelings, activations and healings.

Know if you are feeling called, no experience of doing this type of work is necessary; you will be guided and protected by Mother Earth and the Tree Consciousness.

Channeling from Mother Earth

“Greetings, I call you forth to support with an activation of the Golden Codes of Light through the Sun Disc of Roslin Glen.

There are eight Sun Discs around the world. These are Sacred Earth Portals. They are portals through which new consciousness births.

It is decreed in 2018 that the energy frequency of my core would activate and flood light codes of consciousness to my surface.

This is all preparation for the new Temple of Light creation, which occurs at the Summer Solstice of 2018.

This Imbolc the astrological timing sees not only the return of sunlight but also the return of the Golden Light codes within me.

In this gathering, you will work with the Golden Dragon gatekeepers of the Roslin Sun Disc.

They will bring through a healing meditation prior to this Imbolc to support you in the preparation of this gateway opening.

Those who are able to gather will drum, sound and tone the new frequencies into being.

I will then release the codes which will activate within your core central matrixes, allowing you to further accelerate your paths as Earth Code Keepers.

These codes, you will carry within your energy field, you will use in the build up to 2030 to prepare for the mass influx of consciousness that occurs on the planet in that year.

These codes, you will impart into crystals, into the earth, trees, stones and rocks, rivers, mountains, hills.

We will also in the course, activate the tree consciousness grid, for the tree consciousness grid is struggling at this time on Earth.

Many trees are becoming diseased and are being cut down.

By activating the tree code consciousness, we will strengthen the wisdom and the importance of the tree kingdom, we will hold space for new forests of light to grow.

And allow the trees to inform you of your role in supporting their kingdom and why they are of importance as great beings of consciousness on the surface of the earth.

You will each receive a Celtic tree to work with and be guardian of, a personal message and why this tree is the totem tree for you at this time.

Gather with your crystals and your skulls and your drums, whether you are in your own sacred space travelling astrally to the Sun Disc, or whether physically you are able to attend to celebrate this Imbolc, this awakening of the Roslin Sun Disc.

I hope many of you hear this call and are ready to support this next global ascension mass awakening, your immunity increases twenty fold.

When you carry the Sun Disc Codes you also strengthen your auric field, becoming more energised and more in your spiritual power.

Met with this Golden Light, memories will return to you, of who you are.

Blessed be, Dear Ones, Blessed be.”

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