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The Eclipse Energies - Metatron’s Report for July 2019

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The New Moon in Cancer occured on Monday 1st July, followed by a Total Solar Eclipse on Tuesday 2nd July and then a Partial Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon of Tuesday 16th July 2019 .

Archangel Metatron has brought through his monthly channeling on what the upcoming eclipse season means for us.

This is free to listen to and share with others on this link

The Archangel Metatron Report for July 2019

Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am Archangel Metatron.

As always I come forth as the Angel of Ascension to help you have an understanding of the energy shifts that are occurring on Earth at this time.

This total solar eclipse which will be visible for some of you if you are in America and it will allow you the opportunity to work on clearing core wounding.

The energies are supporting you through this total solar eclipse in releasing from you vibrations that have stubbornly stayed in place through all the shits to this point.

The new moon in Cancer is bringing in the feminine truths.

The lunar eclipse at the full moon in Capricorn balances it through the masculine.

Now 2019 is a three year, it is a year of the Divine Masculine, it is a year to really utilise the energies to make the shifts, to harness the masculine power, drive and momentum.

But in order to fully harness the opportunity for you as a soul through this year, one must balance through the feminine also for she is your intuitive self and as you become aware of the importance of living through intuition this brings forth a whole change in routine for the majority of Humanity.

It requires you to start to dedicate each day anew, to call in your guides to open up your channels of light and to walk your spirituality in every moment, by this we mean it is time to merge fully into the intuitive spiritual self.

This eclipse brings forth another opportunity to dismantle the separation grid.

Now many of you have released yourself from the inverted matrix and you may be finding that you are struggling to relate to others who are not of your wavelength at this time.

Those who are sensitive will have become aware of the return of the Emerald Ray on to Earth and through it the upgrade within Gaia’s vibration light.

For some of you this has been a bit disorientating you have lost your marker spots for moving forward but know this is the time to change your habits to move in to the new way of being which is full surrender into your Divinity.

Now many of you have been working forward to this place for millennia, some of you who are new on to Earth as souls are maybe here to catalyse the final stage but there is no going back now.

Those who are unwilling or unable to shake off the stubbornness of the attachment to 3rd dimensional dogma of the ego self will start to come up against resistance be it thorough fear, unhappiness, frustration, anger, jealousy, any of these lower emotions, but you have the choice now this New Moon to surrender into the Divine aspect of yourself.

But know it is not just Earth that is going through this Ascension shift.

This eclipse is affecting the whole of the Earth’s Galaxy at this time and therefore you will become aware of more communications with Starbeings as they try to remind you of the work you have done with them before, connecting to your Galactic ancestry and to further progress you on your soul’s evolution.

This is the upgrade of the mind-body matrix.

The higher mind is ready to awaken now and the lower mind is unable to comprehend this therefore you must comprehend this through the heart and that is where the intuition and intuitive gifts that you have come into play and are of great importance.

Know this is what you have been waiting for, this opportunity to be an intuitive soul again on Earth.

It will take practice, it will take patience as you move from the old matrix to the new.

But this is a very exciting opportunity for you all.”

Eclipse Energies: Metatron’s Invocation To Support Your Transition Journey

“I call upon the energies of Archangel Metatron to support me as I transition through this eclipse period fully into my intuitive Starseed self.

Assist me in the full dismantlement of the old heart-mind way of being and allow me to awaken my higher-heart mind consciousness.

Support me as I make the shifts in my daily habits to be my Divinity at all times.

And in doing so supporting of the whole of the Human Consciousness into this place of one unity for all.

I am ready to move further into my mastery self. Namaste.”

Auraengus’s Channeled Gong Meditation for the Eclipse Energies

As always at the New Moon Auraengus has channeled a 15 minute Gong Bath To support you with harnessing the eclipse energies through this New Moon in Cancer.

Listen as often as you like to help transmute, balance and harmonise the upcoming changes.

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