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Throat Chakra Archangel Gabriel Meditation

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Join Archangel Gabriel in meditation to work on clearing your throat chakra and to speak your loving truth easily now.

Do you hold back at times in conversations with loved ones, at work or with friends? Do you know that your words and truths are valuable to humanity and how to voice them compassionately?

Every month Alphedia Arara holds an Angel meditation workshop where she channels from the Angels a powerful healing one hour guided meditation.

In February 2017 the energies of Archangel Gabriel stepped forward to do the healing work with us focusing on the throat chakra.

Gabriel is known as the Angel of Inspiration and he came forward to offer us his support and guidance at this time of change on earth.

Alphedia Arara also uses singing bowls, drums and other percussion to bring forth sound healing for you as well. This meditation is an hour long.

Channeled Message from Archangel Gabriel

It is with great joy I come forward this month to offer you my healing wisdom.

This month the energies are very supportive of healing the heart and I come forward to offer you not only support during your heart healing experience, but to offer you a realignment of your soul, with the greater plan of truth for Planet Earth.

This healing meditation will assist those light workers on the path of ascension. The path of Ascension being able to embody with physical form, the highest vibration of your Soul Potential on Earth.

As you do this you elevate beyond the ego drivers affecting most of humanity. You elevate beyond the conditioning and the illusions that are perpetrated and you come in closer contact with Divine Source and your own Divinity within.

This meditation will help you access your inner Divinity to help you remember you as a soul, who you truly are, and who you are on your path of light at this time.

I offer my services to you in realigning you to your core truths as wise beings of Light.Myself and my counter part, Gabriella, will take you to the Healing Temple in my Ashram of light. In this Ashram we be working on giving you the courage, a bit like a sports coach, to enable you, to speak your truth.

We will be focussing on the throat chakra and the thyroid gland blocks in particular for many of you are manifesting thyroid issues because of your inability to be at One with speaking your Truth.

Now this is just layers of conditioning that has allowed this to come into being, so anyone with neck and upper back pain also, this can be because of blockages in your vocalisation of who you truly are.

We will work on strengthening the throat chakra and this will allow you to telepathically communicate easier with beings in other realms, the animal kingdom and also with other humans.

Many of you are ready now to speak your loving truths in all ways, and this is what I, Archangel Gabriel wish to offer you assistance with this month.It is always a privilege to bring forth these deep healing meditations, for you know this is an exciting time on Earth as the energy of the Earth speeds up.

You have this opportunity that your soul has waited thousands of years, in some cases, to experience. You are ready to be an embodiment of the Divine on Earth and I offer you my services, Namasteā€.
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