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Unicorn Full Moon Workshop - Healing Your Heart

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In June 2013 the Unicorns wanted to work with us to strengthen our heart chakra and to open ourselves up to more divine love.

The Unicorns are beings of Divine Love who live in many realms and offer humanity unconditional pure love at this time in our evolution.

This full moon was known as the strawberry moon and as it was the moon closest to the summer solstice it allowed us an opportunity to strengthen our connection to nature through opening more fully our heart centres.

The Elemental kingdom connect with humanity through heart centred consciousness and wish to remind us of the Oneness of all at this time.

This is a beautiful full moon workshop with the warm, loving and nurturing energy of the Unicorn realm. You learn more about Unicorns including how to heal your heart and any emotional problems by working with their healing modality Divine Unicorn Healing in Alphedia Arara's ebook, Ascending with Unicorns.

This workshop includes an exercise and a channeled guided meditation.

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