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Unicorn Full Moon Workshop

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The Unicorns are beings of divine love who are here to assist us in opening our heart centres so we can feel more divine love at this time.

This full moon was known as the Frosty full moon and occured at 22.22pm on 6th November 2014 and was in the star sign of Taurus. This moon energy was all about harmonising and balancing once again.

The energies are building up to allow souls the opportunity at this time to bring all areas of their being into harmony and balance. The areas of your life that are out of balance will come to the fore in this moon cycle and the Unicorns are offering at this time to smooth the passage of this moon.

They are offering to assist you in being able to step out of drama and to step back from fiery situations, allowing you smooth passage through turbulent energies that are to occur from the13th onwards as the meteorite shower of the Turids ends.

These meteorites have been bringing through new codes and frequencies and the Unicorns offer to open up a portal within you to assist you in being able to harness this higher frequency light that is once again descending onto the planet.

  • In this workshop, Alphedia Arara channels from the Unicorn realm and you receive a Unicorn group ascension sphere attunement.
  • You are guided on a self realisation exercise to look at the areas of your life which are out of balance and why and then the unicorns take you on a beautiful guided healing meditation that was channeled live on the evening.

Channeled message from the Unicorns

We Unicorns come forward to love, support and assist humanity at this time. We exist in many different realms and many souls have a guardian unicorn around them who loves, guides and protects you.

We offer this healing journey this moon to help you to bring love into all aspects of your being, but also to bring balance and the balance vibration into your core central matrix.

Our focus is to aid you in bringing balance into all areas of your life and to show you the areas of your life you are over expending energy and the areas of your life where you are under focusing, and also to guide you and to show you what areas of your life make you happy, and how by holding a balanced approach in terms of consciousness, you will see this morph into reality in the 3rd dimensional world of physicality.

As you step into the timeline of balance, so it becomes so and you allow your soul the opportunity for balance between activity, meditation and spirituality and being.

And as you bring more balance into your life you then let of the ego aspects of self which take you out of balance such as fear, greed, envy, jealousy and hurt, anger, apathy.

And when you let go of these things you let go of the drama of the 3 dimensional reality, you ascend to a higher state of consciousness.

And we are preparing you for the energies of 2015. We will particularly work in this workshop on your chakra system, allowing self realisations to come to the fore.

We will bring through wisdom and light to assist you with your earth walk at this time.

It is a joy and a privilege as always to connect with those who are ascending and ready. Blessed be.”
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