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Unlock Your Soul's Sacred File - Metatron & Pleiadian New Moon Transmission

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Workshop date: 6 May 2019
Duration approximately: 1.5 hrs
Please note: There is no personal message available with this recording. Audio download available.

“As you do this ascension work you support not only yourself and your monad group, but the whole of Humanity in increasing its consciousness. Know that this next stage will support you in unzipping that compressed sacred geometry file, otherwise known as your light body.”

This workshop is now available on MP3 audio download automatically at purchase. Alphedia calls in the energy of those booking at a later date so you will be back in the portal no matter when you are ready to experience this course.

Workshop took place on 6th May 2019.

“Unlock Your Souls Sacred File” Transmission with Metatron and the Pleiadians through Alphedia

In this transmission Alphedia Arara channels for an hour meditation Archangel Metatron and the Pleiadian High Council as they take you to a Pleiadian Light Chamber to perform deep soul healing and vibrational shifts in your energy field. This will allow you to increase your light quotient required to unzip the decompressed authenticity of your soul.

Working on shifting the vibrational frequencies that are keeping you out of being in alignment to unlock the geometric light package that contains your full consciousness.

You meet Pleiadian guides and also two of your Council of Twelve who show you a map of your soul alignment.

Through channeling the tones and frequencies of the sacred instruments, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, element chimes and percussion Alphedia facilitates a deeply expansive and transformative soul healing experience.

Through light language codes you release keys within you that have been lying dormant. Aligning yourself to access your full consciousness of your soul path and allowing yourself to unzip the decompression of your soul that was required to enter into 3rd dimensionality.

Through this healing with Metatron and the Pleiadians you allow yourself to become unconstrained and your soul light will be evident to all moving forth. This is the living in the truth moment you have been building up to for thousands of years.

This is a transmission which aids with mastery of the ego that is still affecting you consciously or unconsciously with the focus on shifting any fear, jealously, anger, grief and reclaiming back your sovereign spiritual power.

They work on the chakras and the remaining conditioning you have taken on in 3rd dimensionality. This is a transmission to bring forward soul liberation for all that are ready to move into this place of ultimate authentic identity.

“Unlock Your Souls Sacred File” Gong Meditation Transmission through Auraengus

There is a 13 minute gong sound bath at the end to bring through integration and consolidation of the work your soul has done in this new moon transmission.

From here we move forward in expanded consciousness no longer hiding or constraining our light. You are ready for this experience as a key marker in the next stage of the global light ascension.

Enjoy your liberation!

Listen Free to Alphedia’s Introduction and Metatron's report:

“Unlock Your Souls Sacred File” click to download and listen


“This is Alphedia Arara, I’m now going to bring forward for you Archangel Metatron’s Ascension Report. It’s been a while since we brought one through as we were on Iona last month.

If you’re new to these Ascension Reports, Archangel Metatron just brings through information on what is happening on the ascension process, how that will be affecting how you are feeling, and what is going on on a higher level to what is going on in the 3rd dimensional level for us.

Today is the new moon 4th May 2019, it’s a new moon in Taurus and it occurs at 23:45pm BST so for some of you the new moon will be happening on the 5th and for some of you it will be earlier on the 4th.

Taurus is the bull and is all about the Earth energies. The ruling planet of Taurus is actually Venus and the key phrase for Taurus is the “I have” and this is what Metatron wants to talk about.

We all have what is known as an encoded geometric light package which is filled with sacred intelligence but it can only be decoded once we reach a certain vibrational alignment level.

If you think about a padlock and you think about the number keys on the padlock, the lock won’t open unless you have the correct number of digits, usually three digits. That’s what we’re moving into now, this ability to align our vibration so that we can unlock this encoded geometric package.

We are all made up of different geometries, we have all been working, particularly for the last couple of years, on our merkaba light bodies, so that’s a specific geometric package.

As we move into this ‘second life’ mission stage, as we move further into our incarnational light ray, the last full moon was all about accessing our Divine Blueprint (so if you’ve missed that one it’s now available for download on the website). We’re moving into this experience April was a pivotal month for this where we are working to ‘de-densify’ ourselves.

So when we are a soul and we’re coming down on to Earth, we have to ‘densify’ ourselves, become solid enough to sustain the physical world and this life experience which means we’ve got to slow down our vibratory rate from our true spiritual frequency whilst we’re in physical form.

But what is actually happening as you do that is like this decompression, so if you think of computers and if you want to transfer a big file you can’t send it through email because it would just take up all the space within the email system and become undeliverable which is why we send the files, like this recording, out through Hightail because they ‘decompress’ the information so that it doesn’t take up too much space and then we you go to open it up again you unzip it and all the information is there.

So we are like that, we as light body souls are like that on Earth and in order to open this zip file, to release the full contents of it, we have to come into that vibrational state, the required light level, to unzip the file.

So this is the process that we are going through just now and many of us have been caught in the karmic cycle of the Earth experience for thousands of years and because of that it means that all this wonderful knowledge that has been stored in this zip file, that we’ve not been able to access during our previous incarnations on Earth, because the vibration of the land and all the ascension energy that is coming through, the codes and the frequencies is now creating the vibrational place where we can remember our zip code files, the keys to help decompress this compressed soul state that we have been in.

So this new moon is giving us this opportunity to shift our vibrational frequency now to retrieve all this soul information that has been kept safe, essentially within our zip file, which is ready to be unzipped.

The Taurean energy of the “I have” reminds you “I have all this knowledge”, “I have the pass lock key to gain this knowledge again” and we just have to get those combinations working right within our bodies to allow the easier illumination of the soul, this holy child knowledge within to reactivate.

As usual, I will be channeling Metatron, the Ascension Report will go out free to everybody and then they’ll be the gong bath which Auraengus will bring through with these codes and frequencies through the sound, the sacred geometry shapes will resonate with you and allow you to connect with the frequencies, gain the keys that you are requiring as a soul and I will also channel through a meditation transmission to help you through this process, this new moon.

So now we are going to receive the Ascension Report from Archangel Metatron.”

Metatron’s Monthly Ascension Report “Unlock Your Souls Sacred File” 4th May 2019

Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am Archangel Metatron.

I come forward in great love and light to welcome and to connect with you all.

As many of you will know I am known as the Angel of Ascension for I am the Archangel who has taken on this mission to support light workers who are here to experience the ascension whilst in physical form.

As you do this ascension work you support not only yourself and your monad group, but the whole of Humanity in increasing its consciousness.

Know that this next stage will support you in unzipping that compressed sacred geometry file, otherwise known as your light body.

Now this sacred light intelligence package is ready to be awakened, and yet the energies of the new moon will also be bringing to a head the shadow aspects within you that the light requires to enter into.

In order to move into this state of perfection, in order to de-densify the self, you now must move into this place in order to become one of the first to access the new prototype human, the Human of light.

Let go of the old outmoded ways of being. Situations will be coming to a head this moon to bring up the old wounding that is ready to be released, so take time now to look within.

Take time now to support yourself as you are willing to look in the mirror of reflection and see the old ways of being that must now go.

Now the ego self wishes to preserve its status quo, wishes to deceive and wishes to assert its perceived value of importance which is an illusion within the self.

So this is a moon where you have the opportunity to be truly honest and to liberate yourself from the confines of the ego within.

Patterning of beliefs will now come up for processing. That wounding is ready to be set free and as you set the old wounding free you feel the liberation within the soul, you feel your light body expanding and you feel the vibrational frequencies of the lock start to click into place.

Know this is an exciting opportunity for you to access the key codes and vibrations needed to decompress the soul’s sacred file.

This is what you have been looking for, this is where you have been going to and I give you an invocation now which will support you through this next stage.

I will also channel a powerful hour’s meditation with the Pleaidian High Council in order to allow you the opportunity for this deep healing process, to guide you through this internal vibrational shift that is required to bring you into proper vibrational alignment.

I am excited to see so many of you are ready for this next stage of your Ascension and that as we awaken you all within the change of Humanity into 5D consciousness becomes more reachable by the minute.

Here is this month’s invocation:

“Dear Archangel Metatron, I lovingly ask you to support me as I prepare myself to go through the de-densification process.

As I allow myself to expand and to grow, I ask that all that is blocking through my ego self to be released, to be understood, to be healed now.

I am ready to access the key codes required, the vibrational combination that I set in place to return to in order to allow me to reopen my soul’s sacred file of truth.

And as I move into my incarnational light ray divine blueprint I can easily access and remember my higher purpose and the new life mission.

I am ready to release all that has gone before as I prepare for this catalytic moment and ask for your support and love to do so. Adoni.”

Once you have said this invocation, know that meditating in the stillness of the heart will begin this process now.

In love and Light I am Archangel Metatron.


Blessed Be, Namaste.”

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