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Unlocking Luxury Abundance Codes - Venus Starbeings

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"It is so important as you evolve fully in the New Earth template into Fifth Dimensional Conscious living that you are all able to live in a place of luxury and abundance."

Join Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu on Tuesday the 11th May 2021, to honour and celebrate the New Moon in Taurus. The New Moon occurs at 8pm BST so we will be able to witness the exact moment and meditate to receive the Taurean New Moon frequencies. Venus is the planet that governs Taurus and is connected with Love and Abundance and Luxuriousness.

In this New Moon transmission the Venus starbeings are coming forward to upgrade our matrixes to move us into this place of luxurious contentment and abundance within. The Venus starbeings see that humanity has been suffering from nephritic programming which was affecting your abilities to experience luxury in all its forms.

It is time now as part of the Galactic New Earth project for these codes that are held in your ancestral lineages and your own individual soul DNA to be deactivated so that you are able to experience luxurious abundance in all its forms. They will support you in looking at your views on luxury, deprogramming any unworthiness, guilt, fear, anger, or anything else that is stuck in the matrix affecting the vibration. They will upgrade your chakra system to bring in the luxury frequency codes.

They will also work with you to assist you in creating luxurious experiences in your life and your body. So much ill health is experienced on Earth at this time due to stress, anxiety, and toxicity.

This stops your body being in a luxurious state of being, able to experience luxurious emotions, experiences, abundance, relationships and lifestyles. What is luxurious for one person may be different to another so you will go on a self realisation to aid you in realising what equates luxury abundance for your soul.

Also for you to receive information from the Venus starbeings on how to bring these luxurious frequencies into your Now timeline.

In this transmission, Alphedia will channel the Venus starbeings live so they can explain this concept and how humanity has been interfered with. Some will have the interference through the family line as well as your current timeline. We will go on a meditation channelled live to connect in with the energies of this Taurus New Moon. Taurus being an Earth sign represented by the body matrix.

You will receive a Venus Starbeing Ascension Sphere attunement. There will be a live channelled Venus transmission where you will be taken to the planet Venus, meeting with a Venus guide who will aid you with the removal of frequencies and codes that are blocking you having and creating a luxurious lifestyle. You will be taken to the Luxury Abundance Temple so you can feel your matrix expanding. As you expand your matrix you are able to bring more into the matrix, more luxury, more abundance.

This will be a massive upgrade for your abundance frequency supported by the loving Venus starbeings.

They will perform deep healing for you, bring through channelled guidance and those who are able to join live will receive support through the chat box from Alphedia Arara and Auraengus. As always with the New Moon workshops Auraengus will channel through a beautiful gong bath to help you integrate the Venus & New Moon Code frequencies.

Channelled Message from the Venus Starbeings:

“Greetings, greetings, greetings, it is with great honour, privilege and joy that we the Venus starbeings come forward to connect. My name is Alatia, and I am the guide from Venus overseeing this Galactic New Earth Project that is being brought into life to support humanity. It is so important as you evolve fully in the New Earth template into Fifth Dimensional Conscious living that you are all able to live in a place of luxury and abundance. That you are able to experience luxuriousness and the frequencies of that. Now luxury is not about material wealth, although many use material wealth in order to create luxurious lifestyles.Luxurious abundance is about the frequencies you hold within your matrix which will allow you to attract positive life experiences. That will allow you to feel abundantly luxurious in every way and day and to bring through to connect to your true soul essence of luxury.

This will help you to feel worthy, to help you feel upgraded and for you to be able to upgrade your template to experience a feeling of contentment in luxurious environment which is within the body. Know that some of you will receive deep healing if you are suffering from any ill health or ailments to help you feel more luxurious within your matrix.Some of you will have help with your abundance flow so that you are able to have greater wealth to create your dream homes, jobs, and environment.

Some of you may be looking for abundance in relationships and to experience that love that comes through friendships, family relationships, and romantic relationships. Whatever would assist you in creating a luxurious life communication with beings in other realms for example, we will be working on you to create this luxurious environment within your body template so that you are able to experience a luxury in your every day walking environment. Able to receive it, embrace, and to experience it as a luxury experience. This will assist you in your Gratitude frequency which is one of the Keys of Ascension.

Know that you are now being drawn as a race to upgrade your frequencies so that you are able to fully anchor in to the New Earth Template and to have life flow for you with greater ease. Know you are invited to our luxurious Temple of Abundance so that you can be bestowed all the gifts of knowledge and wisdom from us in Venus and this is our offering to you all as part of the Venus support for the New Earth Galactic Mission. Adoni.”

Alphedia Arara will be supporting the meditations through channelled sound transmission from the sacred instruments and light language.

Know that you are all welcome to join, no previous experience of working with the Venus starbeings is required.

Feel into your heart and your matrix and know if you are ready to receive this upgrade now.

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