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Walkin Support and Healing – Archangels Metatron & Shekinah

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Join Alphedia Arara and Archangel Metatron for a powerful workshop on healing and support for walk-ins. Aiding in integration, letting go, and unification between the two souls.

Many high vibration souls have been sent onto Earth at this time of Ascension. Literally walking in to a body, allowing the previous soul who was resident within this physical body matrix to move on from the Earth Plane. Many walkin souls are starting to put the pieces together and to remember that they have not always been in this body on Earth.

The Archangels Metatron and Archia Shekinah have come forward to offer another walk in support workshop. Even if you walked into body a long time ago, as we are now in the New Earth template in the Aquarian age, energy frequencies are becoming refined and these two powerful, beautiful angels, are wishing to support you on healing with the previous souls that have shared your body.

In this workshop Alphedia Arara, who walked into body in 2004, will not only be channelling the angels to support you but will bring forward an opportunity for your guides and your previous souls guides to help with the completion of any contracts between the previous soul and yourself. The Archangels will be offering deep healing resolution for any outstanding karma that you are in contract with the previous soul to complete for them and to release any patterned behaviour that you are carrying from the previous soul which is holding you back on your spiritual ascension work at this time. The Archangel will explain and channel more about the walk-in experience and there will be an opportunity if you decide to join live to ask a question about the general walk-in process. The Archangel Metatron is known as the Angel of Ascension and the Archia Shekinah is known as the Angel of Unity.

This workshop is to assist with bringing unification between the two souls.

Often a walk-in soul swap occurs between members of the same monad group but not always. Sometimes a walk-in comes in for only a particular period of time, a few years on Earth to complete a mission or task, and then leaves. Some of you may have had more than one walk-in soul within your body.

In this workshop, which will be channelled live through Alphedia Arara direct from the angels, they will explain about the healing work and why it is important that walk-in souls recieve this further upgrade of integration onto the Earth matrix to assist them with grounding and anchoring through their body elemental.

To assist in particular with removing the habit of overthinking, over analysing, and to shift the confusion from the third eye chakra.

We will do exercises to help you identify whether something is yours as the soul you are now or was something the body memory and the physical cells are carrying forward from the previous souls. Ill health is a manifestation of energy patterns and sometimes one is carrying an illness as a teaching that is no longer relevant for the new soul to be experiencing. There will be deep healing of your matrixes and a final separation from the previous soul contracts. This work will be performed through deep meditation healing, realisation exercises as well as the opportunity to have a conversation with the previous soul that has inhabited your body so that you are able to be aware of the relationship between the two souls.

If there is any animosity or disgruntled-ness on either side and whether there is unfinished business in terms of the previous inhabitants of the body’s earth walk experience and how this might be impacting your healing process on earth at this time and your mission ahead. You will find out how much karma there is still between you and the previous soul. As well as experiencing a liberation ceremony which will assist you fully stepping into the physical manifestation of the matrix of the soul you are inhabiting the body.

You will have the opportunity to find out what contracts were made between you and the previous soul as well as why. Many walk-in souls feel disconnected from their birth family although they are biologically connected. The Archangels will be teaching you about why you chose to have a soul swap with this particular family and to assist you in feeling in compassion, and oneness, and love within this family relationship dynamic.

As always, Alphedia Arara will support the healing process with sound healing, light language activations, attunements, and energy grid matrix realignments. There will also be an opportunity for you to remember walking into the body and how it felt to come onto Earth this way and to clear any trauma from the moment of walk-in that is still affecting your course at this time.

Channelled Message from Archia Shekinah:

“Greetings, greetings, greetings, I am Archia Shekinah. I am delighted to have this opportunity to come forward with Metatron to offer this walk-in healing support. You are all now of high enough consciousness to remember that you are souls living a physical body experience. That you are here on Earth for a purpose and part of that purpose is to make peace, fulfil contracts with the previous soul inhabitant of the body.Myself and Metatron will be supporting you in this next levelling up. Because what is occurring on the Planet is that you are all experiencing a massive upgrade at the Solstice in June. This massive upgrade of your matrix will be more difficult for walk-in souls who have not fully completed the process 100% of taking over the body matrix.

Now walk-ins are not a new phenomena on Earth but they were previously rare.In the last fifty years more and more souls have been using this vehicle as a way to incarnate onto Earth. This means that around 87-90% of walk-in souls never fully embody.B ut it is really important that we get full embodiment to support the Earths Grids, to support the Planetary Ascension. This is a very confusing topic for many and some of you may wonder if you are a walk-in souls and how do you know. There are many clues and many signs but generally if this is a topic that is in your consciousness and you are even aware of it then it is likely you are one or are here to assist other souls on their walk-in healing experience. We wish to be able to support you at this time moving forward and to give you the opportunity to ask us questions. We are looking forward to supporting you in this healing process, both of us, Namaste.”

We have a selection of workshops previously channelled to assist walk-in souls that are also available.

Both Alphedia, Auraengus, and their son Auriel are walk-in souls. So they all have a vast experience of expertise in this area and it is part of Alphedia Arara’s mission to come to Earth at this time as a walk-in to support other high vibration walk-ins on their journeys. Everyone faces different challenges through the walk-in experience and your process will be very unique and personal to you.

This will be a day of celebration as well as deep, deep, soul healing and offering gratitude to the previous host of your body.

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