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Walkin Upgrade with Archangel Metatron Workshop

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In this Walkin Upgrade workshop Archangel Metatron brings through new integration meditations, new releasement meditations and deep energetic healing to set free the new high vibration Walkin souls in order that they can live the path they have come to live without the conditioned reality of the old soul.

Archangel Metatron, the Angel of Ascension, has come forward to help Walkin souls on Earth at this time. Millions of souls now on Earth have experienced Walkin soul swaps, an event that was very rare up until around the 1950’s on Earth.

Once it was realised that more high vibration souls of light were required on Earth to support the 21.12.12 Ascension portal opening, thousands and thousands flocked to earth through Walkin soul entry.

Archangel Metatron has already brought through three Walkin Integration Workshops through Alphedia, but now the first 7 year cycle of Ascension has been completed.

The Angels have been able to see that many souls are still being affected by programming of the previous souls, even though it was believed that with the new high vibration soul entering the body, dismantlement of the old soul’s conditioning and deprogramming would be broken down with much greater ease.

The pandemic that is occurring around the World is triggering a lot of past patterning from the previous soul that the new current soul is struggling to integrate, process and release. Layers and layers of trauma are surfacing that are now having to be processed by the current soul in the body.

Not all Walkin souls are from the same Monadic group, although the majority are. This process has been particularly challenging for those Walkin souls who have chosen a body that was not previously occupied by a member of their Mondadic group.

The Monad group being another 143 aspects of the soul you are now.

Many souls are now starting to wake up to the Walkin Consciousness as well, starting to wonder if they too are a Walkin soul and how that plays out in their life and mission.

In this workshop Archangel Metatron wishes to bring through new integration meditations, new releasement meditations and deep energetic healing to set free the new high vibration Walkin souls in order that they can live the path they have come to live without the conditioned reality of the old soul.

He wishes to help you tie up any contracts that are still unfulfilled and any healing that is still requiring to be done between yourself and the previous soul.

Know that this will hopefully help you with your Ascension path and aid you to a place of greater power and integration into the body you are residing within.

Know that for those souls who know already they are Walkins, this will come as a great relief for you to get this soul help at this time. For those who are maybe awakening to the possibility they can be a walkin, Metatron covers this in the workshop also.

Your journey is supported through sound healing, as well as attunements and live channellings. This may help give you as Walkin souls answers as well to your path that you are on.

Channeled Message from Archangel Metatron – Walkin Upgrade

Greetings greeting, greetings, it is with honour and joy I come forward.

I am delighted that we can now offer this course as we have figured out many machinations of deep energetic inter-correlation between yourself and the previous souls that have inhabited your bodies.

Know that this is a learning curve for us off-World also as well and you are doing very well with your journey, delving into the deep inner mysteries of life on Earth.

I will be preparing you well for this deep healing experience, an experience where you can rebalance, recenter and re-remember your path and why you walked in, why you chose the soul that you chose to walk into, what relationships now with family and friendships are about, as well as you having more freedom through soul choice going forward.

The majority of Walkin souls are not yet awake on Earth but this gives us a great opportunity to awaken others as well but also to learn from your experiences, for you are like a library, a bank of information with how your own Walkin journey has gone.

Some of you have had multiple walkin souls and are processing all of this too, but the strongest link seems to be between the birth soul, the first soul that inhabits the body with the imprinting from the Mother during gestation period within the womb.

Know that we have been working at length to be able to ease this experience for you as you are all key Ascension Awakeners on Earth and it is vital that we are able to support you at a deeper and fuller level.

I know this course will call to those within their hearts that are ready to explore this process with me. Adoni.”


"It was really amazing, thank you! One of the best. I'm so glad I did the live in the end! Massive shifts and realisations I thought I had already dealt with, especially with connecting to the previous soul and also the mum connection and healing in the womb, tears, laughter and deep love and gratitude, thank you all" Nikki, UK

"It was amazing, so much wonderful info which was so helpful and was really relevant. Felt so many powerful energetic shifts during." Diane, New Zealand

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