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Wealth Dragon Workshop

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The Wealth Dragons wish to offer Dragon Initiates, and those on the path of transformation with the Dragon Realm, the opportunity to work with them to aid you in transforming your Wealth frequency.

Alphedia Arara was contacted by a group of dragons calling themselves the Wealth Dragons.

Wealth is a vibration that the Universe responds to. The dragons say that when Humanity holds the Wealth consciousness money easily become available.

The Wealth Dragons work explain how to move into Wealth frequency.

They work with us to dissolve away the common belief patters that Humanity holds limiting wealth generation potential.

They also work on our emotional bodies to clear out any unworthiness and any judgments we are holding about having and being wealthy.

The Wealth Dragons assist us through guided meditation, attunements, and live channeling in understanding where we are limiting ourselves, where we are blocking our Wealth frequency.

They teach us techniques to allow us to generate greater wealth and how to manifest with them to bring in more income and financial abundance.

They work on clearing the vibration of doubt and also fear which many Humans hold around being wealthy.

They also help us process any ancestral inheritance, any miasms that are stopping us generating a steady stream of income.

Channeled message from Rufuntia a Wealth Dragon

Greetings, greetings, greetings, it is with great honour, privilege and joy that I, Rufantia, a Dragon of Wealth come forth.

I have been assigned the mission to assist the Dragon Initiates in awaking once again their Wealth codes within.

Every soul comes to Earth carrying specific Wealth codes but these will often lie dormant and forgotten.

Through this transmission we dragons will be activating your inner Wealth frequency.

We will assist you in having understanding of where your limiting beliefs are blocking your wealth and how to transform and to change things.

How to release any entities or implants that are stopping you experiencing the wealth frequency bringing you joy and peace.

We will also work on clearing ancestral patterning and belief miasms that are giving out mixed messages to the Universal Source energy.

We will work on expanding your Wealth frequency and shifting blocks on receiving.

We will take you to a Dragon Wealth Temple deep within the heart of Mother Earth and there are many Wealth temples within the Earth and there are many souls who already utilise them.

We will change your perception on money, disconnect you from the grids of fear, lack and unworthiness that are stopping you commanding the Universe bringing you the frequencies that are your birth right.

We will also support you in understanding where you are limiting yourself and aiding you in moving and changing the Wealth frequency within your auric field.

This will be an incredibly transformative journey for you all, particularly in understanding that you may have connected into the false economy consciousness, where you are affected by believing the story that is perpetrated, which is an illusion, by the World’s government and banks.

The Universe will provide for you as long as you are willing to take action to change and to take action on creating a revenue stream for you to be able to receive the Wealth you are entitled to.

It is a great honour and joy for us to bring this workshop forth. Adoni.”

Alphedia Arara shares her Wealth journey and shows you some of the traps you can fall into with your belief patterning and thinking about wealth.

Some of the initiations she herself had to go through and how working with the Wealth dragons has transformed her Wealth frequency.

As always Alphedia uses her vast knowledge of the Dragon kingdom to support you on your journey.

She also bathes you in beautiful healing sound frequencies, channeling the Wealth codes through the sacred instruments that she plays; crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, percussion and voice.

This is an opportunity for you to move into the place, through healing techniques, positive mantras, to create a wealthy future for you.

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