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All of the workshops are channeled by Alphedia Arara and, as time is just an illusion, the healings, meditations, attunements and channelings in each workshop are just as beneficial listened to at a later date as when they were first recorded live.


"Alphedia's courses are the most powerful of all I have completed as part of my journey - the shifts are instant and continuous. Thank you!" Magdalena, UK

"I wasn’t sure how I would go when I first booked in for the distance workshop with Alphedia Arara. I do not usually meditate and when I do I don’t normally experience anything… I also wasn’t sure how good a healing would be done from a recording either? I am now booked in for my ninth workshop and all I can say is WOW… my personal ascension seems to have been catapulted with the assistance of the workshops. Alphedia is bringing through exactly what I seem to be needing when I need it. The power from the meditations and transmissions is beyond incredible. Most of the time I do not remember what has even happened but I know that something incredible has transpired! With all my heart and soul I thank you!" Laurie, Australia

"Alphedia is a conduit for the higher planes and those beings connected to them, some familiar, some not, who seek to assist us all in elevating our consciousness and sending healing through transmissions and updating our DNA codes.....These workshops are highly positive and give us all a greater sense of well-being. Those of us who have been a part of these healing transmissions have the greatest sense of appreciation for all the hard work that Alphedia goes to so that we may all benefit from these wonderful messages." Katherine, USA

"I have beyond benefited from your workshops through internet, enjoyed each and everyone and your style sooo open friendly authentic that all just flows , thank you, thank you, thank you" Gulden, USA

"I resonate very deeply with your workshops and wanted to express my deeply heartfelt thanks for the many and profound healings I have received through you. Many, many blessings." Zorah England

"I would like to send to you both my heartfelt gratitude for your workshops and for Being. You can make such a difference, which so matters." Geni, England

"Thank you for the great work shops and I am really looking forward to coming one" Gluden, USA

"Dear Alphedia, I just wanted to say thank you for your gifts you share with the world. I found your website and read your book after the fairies made themselves known to me during meditation. I couldn't believe it! I've joined several of your workshops (from a distance) and I have been so grateful. I have never thanked you for all you do, and so I am writing you now. Thank you!!!! with gratitude" Alison, UK

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