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Saturday 14th October 2023

Saturday is a New moon in Libra and is classed as an Annular Solar Eclipse. This occurs when the Moon moves between the Sun and Earth and is at its greatest distance from our Planet Earth. The Moon will appear smaller than the Sun and does not totally cover it, which is what causes the ring of fire look with this eclipse.

This eclipse will not be visible in the UK but in America it will be seen in the states of Oregon, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico,Texas, and sections of California, Idaho, Colorado and Arizona.

For those of us unable to see the eclipse you will be able to feel it’s effects on what is also World Dragon Day!

The Eclipse window is from 3:30 P.M and will end at 8:15 P.M UK time.

The Dragons have asked Alphedia to bring through a mp3 recording gift for you all to mark this moment with them.

This Eclipse Dragon Transmission will upgrade your Dragon Self aspect.

The part of you that is anciently connected with the Dragon realm to enable you to come into your inner this power.

This short channelled transmission by Dragon Channel and Priestess Alphedia will help you to feel a deeper connection to the love of the Dragon Realm and is a gift to all who believe in Dragons to enable a deeper connection with their wisdom.

This transmission can be listened to at any time and will reconnect you with this Eclipse Portal window.

Please also note that all Dragon workshops recorded by Alphedia including Dragon retreats at on Sale this weekend use Code Dragons at the check out.

All the Dragon workshops are in the shop category “Dragons”.

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