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Yellow Calcite Crystal Skull

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Crystal Properties

Yellow Calcite is a very uplifting stone. Works on the Solar plexus and bring in sun energy. It enhances meditation and deep states of relaxation and opening up spiritually. Great for stimulating the higher mind. It energises and uplifts ones mood. All calcites are powerful cleansers, it cleans negative energies from the environment it is placed within. It alleviates emotional stress and enhances trust in oneself. It is a motivational crystal but also opens up one to a higher awareness and utilising psychic abilities. It is a a crystal that will help with channeling and helping one to over come any set backs. It is a good crystal to manifest energy and abundance with.


Length: 5 cm

Height: 4 cm

Depth: 4 cm

Includes MP3 guided meditation to connect to your Crystal Skull.

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