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Your Council of Twelve - Meet your Spiritual Team Workshop

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Your Council of Twelve support your soul in lessons, teachings of higher wisdom your soul is ready to learn as well as aiding you in the execution of your life path while on Earth.

Alphedia Arara was asked to bring through this exciting channelled workshop to help you establish a greater connection with your spiritual team, your council of Twelve in 2020.

Your council of Twelve are a group of souls comprised of Ascended Masters, Star Beings, Angels, Goddesses and the Elemental Realm, who have come into your inner spiritual circle.

They are guides who have wisdom and knowledge to support you through this next phase of your journey and whom you are working with in your dream time.

Ultimately their role is to guide, support and nuture you through this Earth walk experience to make it more fulfiling, smoother and happier.

Your Council of Twelve is fluid, new members will come in once you have completed certain soul tasks.

An overhaul of the Council of Twelve of the majority of souls on Earth has taken place since the Eclipse moment on 12th January 2020.

In this workshop you learn who your Council of Twelve are, why they are with you, why it is important now at this stage of the ascension process to really know your team and to ask them for help and guidance.

They share with you how they want to connect with you and how they can help and what you require to do to get clear information from them.

  • You go on a powerful channelled meditations to open up your sixth sense communications between you and your guides.
  • You receive attunements as well as activations to help you connect more fully with your spiritual team.

Part of the process of embodying as a soul on Earth is to reconnect with and remember you are not alone on this journey and that your spiritual team of your Council of Twelve are always with you. For many souls on Earth this reminder can help make the Earth walk experience easier to navigate.

Why 12?

Twelve is the significant number of the universe which numerologically involves completion. The aim of these 12 guides always being with you to complete your Earth mission.

There are 12 aspects of yourself within your oversoul group, and 12 other oversoul groups who make up the whole of the monadic existence of who you are.

The universe functions on this 12 patterning and within your spiritual team of guides, this formation also exists, but in this course we will be focusing on your 12 main guides.

You will be introduced to different ones, and they will clearly give you information on your path ahead.

A lot of the work is focused on establishing a clear connection with them.

So if you feel your clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance or clairsentience could become greater, then this is an excellent course for you to amplify these.

To do this, we focus on activations of your four clairs, opening up your psychic channels and helping you feel confident in receiving communications from your spiritual team.

We work on shifting doubt miasms, we also work on protection and how to spot imposter influence.

Alphedia teaches you from her vast knowledge of being a spiritual channel, techniques to enhance your channelling abilities to make communication with your guides stronger, more easy and support you on this exciting journey of communication.

There is live channelling, crystal attunements as well as powerful meditations to re-establish a stronger and clearer connection with your Divine Team.

Channeled message from Archangel Michael

Greetings, greetings, greetings,

I am Archangel Michael, I have come forward on behalf of the Angelic Realm to explain to you about your Council of Twelve.

Your Council of Twelve are made up of many light beings who are presently assigned to your light frequency to support you through certain stages of your soul’s journey.

Most of this work is done during dream time and we wish to help you remember more fully when you awaken, knowledge you have gained, healing you have received, and also that there is a support team for you to call upon during your Earthly walk.

Know that as the Earth has increased her frequency with the release of the New Earth Templates, her vibratory rate means that you are vibrating higher just to exist within her sphere.

This means your sixth sense now has the opportunity to open and awaken more fully, to make communication easier between the realms.

It also is allowing you to be guided on this next stage of your Ascension Path.

A fuller, greater communication with your spiritual team will come if you are able to create an altar space dedicated to them.

This helps you stay focused, and remember the Deities that are part of your journey.

We are very excited to have clearer communication with you all, to make it easier for you as souls to grow, to love and to really enhance your earth walk experience.

Know that you are all ready for this next stage in spiritual evolution; walking the path of true soul alignment.

It is with great honour and joy that we come forward to support you with this work.


Alphedia Arara supports your healing journey through channeling sound healing also to enhance your soul experience. Immerse yourself in the beautiful relaxing sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls, high frequency crystal bowls, element chimes, percussion and light language channeling.

Your Council of Twelve are keen to make contact to help you on this second stage of Ascension so you can clearly receive with ease their support.


"It was very powerful, even with all the breaks between the sections for me. In fact, perhaps the most powerful of any spiritual workshop I've taken. Two highlights stand out. One is that the activations really started working in me immediately. I did not have much use of my "clairs", although I guess clairsentience was fairly strong. I am still a long way from being really clear with them, but the activations made a huge opening of them for me. The automatic writing really surprised me. I never could do it at all before, and now felt like it was really starting to work a bit. The other highlight is actually meeting one member of my Council of Twelve fairly clearly. (A new experience for me, too.) But then, even as amazing, was my channeled message from you. Merlin came through to you, with a message for me which I felt quite grateful for, and it felt quite right. So thank you so much. I will be listening to this one again and again." Marlene, USA

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