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Your Fifth Dimensional Merkaba Upgrade : New Earth Dragons Transmission

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Friday the 3rd of September 2021

Live on Vimeo Video

with Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu

from Glenholm, Scotland

7 to 8.30 pm BST

Cost £25 (£30 in the UK with VAT)

You are invited to join Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu along with the New Earth Dragons and Archangel Uriel and Archangel Zadkiel to have your Merkaba Light Body upgraded.

The Merkaba Light Body consists of two spinning tetrahedrons, which is the sacred geometry matrix that all of life exists within.

Our individual Merkaba Light Bodies we use to astral travel and to function energetically on Earth.

When the Mer-ka-ba is out of balance then this causes issues for us in the physical realm.

Now Mother Gaia has completed another stage of her Merkaba upgrade, at the 8:8 Lions Gate Portal, the dragons say it is important that humanity has healed and upgraded their own Merkaba Light Bodies also.

The New Earth Dragons have noticed that many souls are struggling because of merkaba imbalance.

The male tetrahedron, known as the sun tetrahedron, spins to the right and the female tetrahedron, known as the earth tetrahedron, spins to the left.

When these are spinning out of balance, or they become stuck or stagnant, this is when issues can begin to manifest in your life.

Situations such as physical ailments, inappropriate mental though form beliefs, as well as abundance issues.

In this transmission:

Alphedia Arara will channel live the New Earth Dragons.

Archangel Uriel the Angel of the Earth and Archangel Zadkiel the Angel of Transformation, are coming forward to hold us as we go through this energetic upgrade.

You will receive a Merkaba Ascension Sphere attunement, as well as learn about the Merkaba.

This course will be particularly beneficial for those who have not done any work previously on the stabilisation of their Merkaba.

Also for those who have done this work but want to make sure their Merkaba is integrated and in alignment with Gaias New Earth upgraded Merkaba vehicle.

You will also receive a channeled live transmission of healing on your Merkaba from the dragons and from the angels.

To support you in preparation for the light which will flood onto the Planet Earth at the Equinox.

If we remain stable in the next few weeks, in the build up to the Equinox Point, we will be able to transfer through this portal with much greater ease.

As well as bringing to you greater well being feelings and improvements to your life.

The New Earth Dragons wish to assist as many as possible, not only those who feel the call of the dragons and know they are dragon initiates.

This work will enable you to have greater clarity, greater intuition and understanding, existing and living within the New Earth Template.

As always Alphedia Arara will support this healing with sacred instruments to channel through sounds, as well as light language.

Previous experience of working with the Dragon Realm is not required.

Channelled message from the New Earth Dragons:

"Greetings greetings greetings.

It is with honour and joy that we come forward.

We are delighted to have been given the information from Gaia, Mother Earth, on how to transform your Merkaba Light Bodies into the 5th Dimensional Merkaba Light Body of the New Earth.

Gaia has gone through her process over many years of upgrading her Merkaba and now it is at its highest it has been for thousands and thousands of years.

You are seeing in world global events that are occurring, that many are spinning out of balance with their Merkaba’s in the physical realm.

Many are also unawake to understand what the issue is, if their manifestations are not coming to fruition,

If it feels that you are wading through treacle, if you feel tired despondent or are feeling disconnected in any way through the spiritual realms.

This will give those on the spiritual path on the Path of Ascension, the opportunity to increase their vibratory speeds to bring themselves into balance and alignment and to feel wholeness within again.

We will be working on bringing through to you not only the codes of the New Earth, which are seeded into the New Dawn Template, but also we will be aiding you in moving further into unity consciousness and out of duality, the shift to Fifth Dimensional Conscious Being-ness.

Know this is a great opportunity for you all to really fast track your Ascension, to increase your healing potential and to strengthen your immunity as well as your vibratory field.

Know that you are blessed dear ones and it is an honour and a joy for us to support you this way.


Transmission Preparation & information

In order to prepare for such a powerful transmission, please make sure that you are well hydrated, have eaten a light meal beforehand, have your crystals around you, create your sacred space and make sure you are not to be disturbed.

In order to get to the most of the experience if you chose to watch live, please listen through quality headphones, or buds or through a hi fi speaker.

Depending on your strength of broadband and WiFi signal, will depend on the quality of the experience live, best to be connected with laptop or computer with a wired network connection.

Vimeo: Select the chat option before you log on.

If you experience freezing of the video, please select a lower quality transmission using the wheel on the Vimeo controls.

However the levels will all be adjusted and set perfectly for you in the MP3 audio file that will be available for download afterwards.

Alphedia Arara and Auraengus Manu send you many blessings of support at this time and if you require any guidance or further assistance please feel free to contact them at [email protected].

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