The Guardian Gateway Faery Allies Telesummit

Alphedia Arara is excited to announce that she will be a guest speaker at The Guardian Gateway Faery Allies Telesummit, taking place between the 16th Oct- 27th Oct 2017.

Alphedia will be bringing forward information about how to reconnect with the Celtic Sidhe Faeries, what their earth messages for you are and how you can strengthen your sixth sense to enable you to communicate directly with this powerful ally.


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As a native of Scotland, Alphedia holds a special connection with the Sidhe, as she lives amongst this magical race in the beautiful Southern Uplands. They are frequent visitors to her in daily life, revealing themselves and their wisdom as Alphedia walks beneath the ancient trees that surround her home and passes the streams and meadows that have been the Sidhe’s home for far longer than humankind’s recollection.

If you feel drawn to connect with the Faery Kingdom and find out how they can assist you in reaching your highest potential, you can join the telesummit for FREE.

There will be 20 guest speakers providing information on a variety of topics relating to this elusive and intriguing kingdom, with two one hour calls happening every weekday at 10:00 am and 1:00 pm Pacific Time Monday, October 16 through Friday October 27. These talks will be available for 48hrs for free if you are not able to listen live. You can listen online, by phone, or on your mobile device.

Alphedia’s interview will be broadcast on the 26th of October 2017.


Register for the Faery Allies Telesummit


An upgraded package is also available, which will let you experience the teachings more deeply and fully immerse yourself in them through downloadable mp3s, for you to keep and re-listen to at your convenience.

If you use the above link you will have the opportunity to book an upgraded package. Elemental Beings will receive a small commission and you will also have access to our exclusive guided meditation with the Sidhe, available only to our customers.

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To find out more about the Side, visit here. You can also use the links below to access previous Sidhe Workshops that Alphedia Arara has carried out:

Faery Magic Summer Solstice 

Glastonbury Tor Faery

Both these previous Workshops are currently HALF PRICE for 1 month till 9th November 2017. Use the coupon code:  Sidhe1/2  at the checkout. 








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17th October 2017

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29th October 2017

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