Lunarity Crystal Skull: Past Life and Ancestral Healing


Sunday 14th March 2021

8:00pm – 9:00pm GMT

£10 (£12 for UK including vat)

(There is no video or recording of this distant healing session)


You are invited to join Alphedia Arara and her massive 25 kg crystal skull Lunarity for this weeks group healing.

In this session she will be working with you on past life and ancestral healing to aid you in the ego death cycle which is what the energies are pushing you to acknowledge and release yourself from.

Through Lunarity’s healing you will receive the freedom to be who you truly are on Earth.

You will be able to clear generations and lifetimes of karma and trauma that is ready to be brought to the surface to be processed and released and you will have the opportunity to really connect truly into your soul essence, to remember the wonderfulness of who you are within and to recognise and honour your life, this time on Earth.

In this hours transmission Lunarity will:

  • In the first twenty minutes work on clearing what is currently presenting itself and the challenges we are facing.
  • In the next twenty minutes she will begin clearing ancestral lines, clearing the mother, father, sibling and any other family inheritances.
  • In the last twenty minutes Lunarity will work with you each indivually to help you remember and reclaim your unique talents and gifts.

Channelled Message from Lunarity:

“Greetings, greetings, I am Lunarity, it is with honour and joy that I come forward to offer you this group healing.

As you enter the final throws of the death cycle in order to be re-birthed at the Equinox, many are aware of the high frequency light that has been descending onto Earth since the Solstice moment.

In particular timeline bleeds and ancestral miasms have been coming up to those initiates who are intuitive enough to be aware that karma and contracts are now ready to be processed, healed and released.

My speciality is assisting with the closing off of timelines.

When a soul crosses over, particularity if the death has been traumatic at the exit point from Earth, the timelines can still be active.

They are kept active by the emotional body and then the soul enters what is known as the carousel effect on Earth with certain other souls or manifestations of particular situations.

In order to heal that aspect that was left unhealed in the previous incarnation.

Up until now it has been very difficult to do this work as the veils have been dense, the skills have not been available for humanity at large, but now more and more are awakening to their spiritual purpose and remembrances of their soul truths.

This is a great opportunity for you to dismantle further templates that are affecting you.

Some souls have chosen to take on ancestral karma to process and heal this in order to shift their own karma.

Some souls have chosen to work through many lifetimes to heal and clear and release deep heart pain.

So in this healing I am offering you the opportunity to first of all become aware and to bring up timelines, the lifetimes, the emotions that are bleeding through.

Time is not linear as you see it to be on Earth, you are living many realities at once.

But once you know that timeline bleeds can occur that you are being presented with inner challenges, difficult relationships, strong emotions, or some may feel completely closed down and cut off unable to even open the well.

But the energies are bringing this up as part of this further ego death cycle.

So we will work on processing what is most pertinent in the first twenty minutes,

the next twenty minutes we will shift to ancestral inheritances,

clearing mother issues, father issues, mother issues, other family situations that have become an issue for you.

Then in the last twenty minutes I will be working with each of your souls individually to help you reclaim, remember, and recognise the uniqueness and the talents, the gifts that you are here to bring forward in this Earth walk.

I will work with you to boost your remembrance, to boost your confidence, and to anchor fully you into the remembrance of the purity of your soul no matter what trauma it has experienced and to allow you to access pure truth of your soul going forward.




As always Alphedia Arara will be holding the space to connect in each and every one of you who wishes to part of this transmission to the consciousness of Lunarity.

There will be no live recording or video of this, as this is a real time receiving transmission.

If you book at least an hour prior to this transmission your name will be placed under Lunarity and called in by Alphedia Arara at the start of this transmission.

It is advised that you drink plenty of water after this transmission.

If you are active during it and unable to meditate, then take time when you are able to meditate to connect with Lunarity and ask to integrate all the healing work that has been done on you and it will be so.

You may wish to print out a photograph of Lunarity and place this under your pillow/chair whilst you meditate or carry it with you if you are going about your daily business at this time.


Lunarity Crystal Skull: Past Life and Ancestral Healing

Sunday 14th March 8 – 9pm GMT

UK: £12 (inc Vat), Rest of World £10

Please book at least one hour prior to the transmission for Alphedia to place your name under Lunarity

There will be no audio, video or recording of this real time transmission.

It is happening in the multidimensional universal form of consciousness.


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Testimonials from Previous Group Healings

“For a powerful healing for not only us but also for our ancestors and our descendants too. Feeling blessed to have experienced it ❤❤❤” Anne, Lunarity Group Healing

“Amazing, with lots of insights. At the very end Lunarity asked me to feel the love from my ancestors. Wow, so powerful! THANK YOU ALPHEDIA & LUNARITY!!! 💗🙏💗” – Amy, Lunarity Group Healing

“Wow, totally blasted away and still integrating. Became very tired approx 1 hour before the transmission. Started meditating and was off and gone immediately. If one of my cats hadn’t started asking for attention after one hour I probably would have fallen into very deep sleep immediately after. Remember small bits of several recurring themes passing through my field. But not much detail. Will tune in again this evening and ask dear Ardmano if there is anything that I need to remember or integrate consciously. Feeling at ease and tired today. Decided to relax and take it very easy to allow further processing.
Thank you 🙏 so much dearest Alphedia and Ardmano! Feels like a major shift!! 😘🤩💝💖🌈” – Ardmano Group Healing

“Immediately felt lighter – much lighter – after the session – a lot of release continued from my night before – feminine energy blocks – and slept through the night. 3 cheers for me. And Ardmano 😃” – Ardmano Group Healing

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