Master Melchizedek and the Whale Consciousness Full Moon

“Now is the time to fast track. After the solstice there will be a shift in energy. This energy will catapult you forward at great speed and so this Moon is a preparatory moon for you to prepare your energy system.”

Master Melchezidek

Whale on oceans surface with full moon


Friday 9th June, 2017
7.30-9.30pm BST £20
Fairy Yurt, Lindsaylands Road, Biggar, Scotland

This full moon Alphedia Arara will be channelling Master Melchizedek and the Whale Consciousness.

This full moon is in Sagittarius and occurs at 2.09pm British Summer Time

In this workshop Alphedia will channel live, lead you on a self realisation exercise to maximise your healing at this full moon time and then take you on a channelled live guided meditation.

Those in attendance will receive a personal channelled message and those taking part distantly will receive an oracle card message.

This full moon is all about supporting the codes within. As every soul comes to Earth they bring with them unique codes of light.

Now the whales are the anchors on the Earth. They anchor the Earth energy grids and anchor the codes and the frequency shifts deep in their aquatic environment.

Master Melchizedek is a high priest and he oversees the missions of light for many on their Earth walk.

  • This moon will be allowing you to harness the codes that you carry for they lie dormant until you fully activate them. And by activating your codes of light you not only increase your energy vibration but you increase your energy levels, psychic abilities, health and soul happiness.
  • This moon will provide you an opportunity to look at why the activation of your codes is important for you at this time and why you have come to Earth to carry them.
  • You will also receive a whale consciousness ascension sphere attunement to receive healing from the whale wisdom.
  • Your whale matrix chakra which is beneath your feet will be activated and this will allow you to ground and anchor more on the Earth plane.
  • This allows you to be more centred and in alignment with the earth energy shifts. This will be a powerful moon for allowing you to feel more connected with who you are.

Channeling from Master Melchezidek

“For those of you who are feeling stressed, anxious and worried, even lethargic and bored, these are all signs that you are disconnected to your Divine Truth and you are feeling the call to step into alignment.

Now is the time to fast track. After the solstice there will be a shift in energy. This energy will catapult you forward at great speed and so this moon is a preparatory moon for you to prepare your energy system.

For you to be allowed to recognise the codes of light that you carry and have a deeper understanding of what they are and how to activate them.

I will take you up to my ashram, my temple and do the activation work and then take you deep, deep into the ocean energies to commune with the whales for many of you have come to Earth with the mission to work with the dolphin and whale consciousness.

Many of you have done this work before particularly in the Atlantic Epoch but now it is time to hear the song of the whales. To recognise their wisdom and the gifts that they offer on Earth. For they are vast beings of light and to receive whale healing is one of the most beautiful opportunities your soul can experience.

For when you come into alignment with the consciousness of the whales your vibration is expanded to the 10th dimension. And from this place 10th dimensional consciousness living, many doors are opened to you.

This moon offers you this opportunity to open the doors to your potential and it is privildegq for e to help you harness and accept this. Know that this moon is a catalyst, choose to use it and your wings will spread and you will soar.”


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Melchezidek Ascension Spheres

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Track Title Time (mins)
1 Introduction 28
2 Channelling 11
3 Attunement 28
Self Realisation
5 Meditation 33
6 Discussion 10
7 Personal Messages 24
8 Distance Messages 1 13
9 Disatnce Messages 2 12
10 Distance Messages 3 12
11 Distance Messages 4 10
1 Disatnce Messages 5 11
Distance Messages 6

Distance Messages 7


4hrs 3mins

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